Your Support is Helping Put an End to Shark Finning!



Your Support is Helping Put an End to Shark Finning!

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Dear DiveStyle Customer,

You did it! The European Parliament finally voted to close the loopholes in the European Union (EU) shark finning ban. This is the result of six years of diligent work with Shark Alliance partners, driven by your support.

What does it mean?
Members of the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal to impose the best practice for finning ban enforcement: a prohibition on removing shark fins at sea. From now on, sharks caught by EU vessels anywhere in the world must be landed with their fins naturally attached. The EU banned finning in 2003, but left in a loophole where “special fishing permits” allowing shark fins and bodies to be landed separately made a mockery of the ban. This vote means that from now on, it’s “FINS ON With NO Exceptions”!

Why does it matter?
The EU shark finning ban was one of the weakest in the world, yet the EU is one of the largest exporters of shark fins to Asia. With a “fins naturally attached policy” in place, the EU, given the global scale of its fisheries and the international influence of its shark management policies, is in a better position to push for game changing shark conservation measures. It can push policies at an international level for fins on with no exceptions.

What’s next?
We must ensure the complete ban on shark finning is implemented while focusing on securing International trade safeguards for vulnerable shark and ray species under CITES. At the next meeting of countries who are members to CITES in March 2013, we will again be the voice and conscience of divers to demand that sharks and rays receive trade protections they desperately need. This is a key victory in an ongoing battle. We continue to fight to save sharks from extinction and need your support more than ever!

Stay tuned for upcoming calls to action and thank you for your help to protect vulnerable and endangered species.

For the Ocean,

Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation

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