You Can Make A Difference

Plastic Pollution has become a man-made global catastrophe

Over the last 60 years plastic has become central to our lives and mankind has subjected the planet to a tsunami of plastic waste. Plastic Oceans provides a powerful and effective platform campaigning for, supporting and funding targeted solutions aimed at significantly reducing plastic pollution in the environment.

That is why DiveStyle will encourage you to leave behind any plastic packaging, bottles or bags in our store.

We will not provide any plastic bags with your purchases, instead we will be offering whale  bags, a sustainable bag that can be used for a myriad of things. Made out of eco cotton and recycled wooden toggles it is a green as you can possible get! With a price tag of £6 it is truly value for money.

As an individual you can have an effect on the plastic epidemic we have in our oceans. In your lifetime you can make a difference. Do you want to make a difference? Click here to learn more.

Want donate so you can make a difference now? Click here to donate.

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