Titanic Polystyrene Cup – 2005 Expedition – Up for auction now!!!

This auction is being held to raise money for Deptherapy and the RNLI.

The cup is now significantly reduced in size due to the immense pressure experienced during the dive to the Titanic.
Rory Golden, of Flagship Scubadiving Ltd, Dublin, returns to the site of the world’s most famous shipwreck, RMS TITANIC, 1st – 8th August, as a part of the HARRIS EXPEDITION, led by G. Michael Harris, owner of the renowned attraction, Titanic – ‘Ship Of Dreams’ in Orlando, Florida

Mr. Golden will be taking part in a film documentary capturing a Guinness World Record diving attempt by Mr. Harris’s 13 year-old son, Sebastian Harris, the youngest person to ever dive to Titanic. Golden will be in charge of dive safety for underwater camera crews who will be filming the launch and recovery of the submersibles as well as diving to the wreck 4,000 metres deep, and placing a Memorial plaque from Belfast City Council and Harland and Wolff in honour of the men and women who built Titanic, the 22 Belfast men who lost their lives, and all those who perished in the tragedy.

Five years ago, he also placed a memorial plaque from Cobh, the ship’s last port of call, on the ship.

It has always been his dream to return to TITANIC one day and leave a tribute from the city that built it.

It has been 4000 meters below the sea!
It has been 4000 meters below the sea!

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