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Pro Ear Mask

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The Pro Ear Mask is for any diver that repeatedly suffers from ear problems whilst diving. The two ear cups help to alleviate equalisation issues and make the dive much more enjoyable

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  • The Pro Ear dive mask helps to reduce ear problems that affect a diver’s ability to enjoy their sport. Infection and discomfort to the ear are the most common health risks involved in diving, often causing permanent damage. Many divers find they must interrupt expensive, long awaited diving holidays as a result of ear problems. The financial loss and unfulfilled expectations are enormous. The Pro Ear mask is the world’s only practical ear protector for divers, designed and developed by diving physicians, engineers and instructors in order to enhance diver safety and comfort.


    • Highest grade 100% liquid silicon skirt and ear pieces for an exceptional fit and long life
    • Sturdy lightweight frame
    • Ear pieces equalise with the mask internal space
    • Low volume design for a wide field of vision and easy clearing
    • Easy adjusting buckles for convenience
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