Otter Made To Measure Drysuit

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Love the look of the Otter drysuits but you just don’t quite fit the off the peg sizes? Then why not go for a custom made to measure suit.

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  • Love the look of the Otter drysuits but you just don’t quite fit the off the peg sizes?

    NO Problem at all!

    For an additional £115.00 you can get your drysuit custom fitted.

    The Otter made to measure service is second to none. Combine this will probably the best customer service in the industry and you will not be disappointed.

    Otter drysuits are here for you!

    Just complete all of the fields (yes there are a few) but to get that perfect fit we need all the information. If you are worried about how to do your own measurements then just follow the instructions in the video below.

    REMEMBER, even if you make a mistake in your measurements Otter will work with you to get the suit right and in most cases at no extra cost!

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