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Fourth Element Thermocline Full Suit Womens

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The Fourth Element Thermocline is an alternative option to the traditional full neoprene suit with the added benefit of being light weight, quick drying and neutrally buoyant in the water. The Thermocline material provides approximately the same thermal protection as 2mm thick neoprene making it ideal for warmer waters and can also be used as an additional layer for further warmth.

  • The Fourth Element Thermocline Full Suit is a neutrally buoyant system that represents an evolution in thermal protection, that uses state of the art materials to maximise performance without compromising on comfort. Unlike neoprene Thermocline is neutrally buoyant, reducing the amount of extra weight a diver requires to achieve neutral buoyancy in the water but still gives the equivalent protection to a 2mm wetsuit. Thermocline also provides a solution for many people who suffer from neoprene allergies by reducing contact between the skin and the wetsuit.

    This is the ultimate warm water-wetsuit. Neutrally buoyant, machine washable, breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic, the Thermocline full suit combines high technology fabrics and design to provide a more comfortable and convenient diving experience. The comfort is not limited to the dive however. The breathable fabric ensures that the wearer is more comfortable when fully kitted up and waiting to get into the water. Weighing less than 1kg, the suit is ideal for travelling divers, keen to keep baggage to a minimum.

    It is fully machine washable so can easily be kept fresh and clean between trips. Available in Men’s and Women’s styles.

    Size Guide

    Sizes UKSizes USAHeightChestWaistHipsInside Leg*
    6 Short4 Short5’2″-5’5″157.5-165.527-30″68-7620-23″51-5930-33″76-8427-28.5″69-73
    8 Short6 Short5’3″-5’6″160-16829 -32.5″74-8222.5-25.5″57-6532.5-35.5″82-9028-29.5″71-75
    865’4″-5’7″162.5-17029 -32.5″74-8222.5-25.5″57-6532.5-35.5″82-9028.5-30.5″73-77
    10 Short8 Short5’4″-5’7″162.5-17031.5-34.5″80-8825-28″63-7134.5-38″88-9628.5-30.5″73-77
    18165’8″-5’11”172.5-18041-44″104 -11234.5-37.5″87-9544-47″112-12032-33.5″81-85
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