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Fourth Element Proteus 5mm Womens Wetsuit

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The Fourth Element Proteus 5mm womens wetsuit is perfect for use in temperate to warm waters. The wetsuit incorporates superstretch neoprene on the arms and legs where mobility is required and thermocore compression resistant neoprene on the body core panels. The 5mm Proteus offers outstanding thermal protection and comfort with excellent ease of movement.

  • The Fourth Element Proteus 5mm womens wetsuit incorporates a blend of superstretch neoprene on the arms and legs to allow full movement and compression resistant thermocore neoprene in the core body panels to provide a suit that offers the thermal protection and performance characteristics that a scuba diver needs. The Proteus Wetsuit incorporates a unique hydrolock neck seal, glideskin seals at the wrists and plasma seals at the ankles to help eliminate almost all water ingress and is rated the warmest diving wetsuit in its class by Sport Diver Magazine.

    Durawear Patches

    Applied to the critical areas of the proteus to minimise the abrasion for other equipment at the shoulders and around the waist. The stippled pattern on the chest of the suit maximises flexibility and thermal protection and helps to speed up drying time.

    Glideskin Seals

    Smooth Glideskin at the wrists, and plasma seals at the ankles provide a highly effective barrier to water ingress and eliminate water flush through. In donning the suit – to avoid damaging the material, turn the seals up before putting the suit on and roll them down once the suit is on.

    Hydrolock Neck Seal

    With over 8 months of prototyping, this features a unique combination of glideskin, smoothskin and standard neoprene. The double seal virtually eliminates water ingress into the suit. An internal back panel prevents water entering through the zip from reaching the back. The neck collar is lined with glideskin neoprene and fits snugly around the neck giving a smooth, complete seal.

    Size Guide

    Sizes UKSizes USAHeightChestWaistHipsInside Leg*
    8 Short6 Short5’3″-5’6″160-16829 -32.5″74-8222.5-25.5″57-6532.5-35.5″82-9028-29.5″71-75
    865’4″-5’7″162.5-17029 -32.5″74-8222.5-25.5″57-6532.5-35.5″82-9028.5-30.5″73-77
    10 Short8 Short5’4″-5’7″162.5-17031.5-34.5″80-8825-28″63-7134.5-38″88-9628.5-30.5″73-77
    12 Short10 Short5’5″-5’8″165-17334-37″86-9427-30.5″69-7737-40″94-10229.5-31″75-79
    (12 top/
    14 bottom)
    (10 top/
    12 bottom)
    14 Short12 Short5’6″-5’9″167.5-17536-39.5″92-10029.5-32.5″75-8339.5-42.5″100-10830.5-32″77-81
    16 Short14 Short5”7″-5’10”170-17838.5-41.5″98-10632-35″81-8941.5-45″106-11431-32.5″79-83
    18 Short16 Short5”7″-5’10”170-17841-44″104 -11234.5-37.5″87-9544-47″112-12031-32.5″79-83
    18165’8″-5’11”172.5-18041-44″104 -11234.5-37.5″87-9544-47″112-12032-33.5″81-85
    20 Short18 Short5”7″-5’10”170-17843.5-46.5″110-11836.5-40″93-10146.5-49.5″118-12631-32.5″79-83
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