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Aqualung Squeeze Lock Knife

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Your BCDs best friend, the Aqualung Squeeze Lock Knife can be mounted on most BCDs and can be mounted on your inflater hose as well.

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    The Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife can be mounted on most BCD’S which have the knife mount grommets. The Aqua lung Squeeze Lock Knife also comes with a hose mount kit which enables you to attach the knife to your inflater hose. The sheath also has a clip for attaching the knife to your belt or webbing strap. Leg mounts are not supplied with this knife but the sheath has molded strap slots which you can fit some to. This dive knife comes with a blunt tip which has two major benefits: Should you miss the sheath when putting the knife away you wont cut your suit, yourself or your BCD with the point. Secondly the blunt end is stronger than a pointed tip for prising or using as a flat head screwdriver.


    • Stainless steel blade.
    • Blunt tip.
    • Can be mounted to BCD, webbing, belt or hose.
    • Long sharp edge, small serrated edge and line cutter.
    • 3″ stainless steel blade.
    • Overall length 6.5″.
    • Secure locking system releases with natural “squeeze” of the handle.
    • Easily mounts to AquaLung Buoyancy Compensator using hose mount kit or stainless steel “Barnacle nuts” included.
    • Distance between BCD knife mount centres 9.5cm.
    • Will fit most AquaLung BCD and with knife attachment grommets.
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