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Analox O2EII Nitrox Analyser

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Analox O2EII Nitrox Analyser

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  • The Analox O2EII Pro Nitrox Analyser is the prefered choice of many professional divers and schools for accurate gas analysers to check your O2 mix before a dive. Essential for any EANx diver who needs to know what mix they are breathing to adjust your decompression algorithms. Single Button Design hasn’t changed from the previous model because of it’s efficiency and the same calibrating dial make operation as simple as the previous model. Just as the previous model to analyse the mix in a cylinder you need to open the valve slowly so a small flow of gas comes out and place the dome section over the valve to pass the gas over the oxygen sensor. As a Nitrox diver confidence in your mix is vital to an enjoyable, trouble free dive. Most diving associations stipulate in their training that you should never dive with Nitrox without being absolutely sure what your mix is and therefore the use of a Nitrox Analyser (also known as an Oxygen Analyser) is essential to your safety. Inflator Adaptor Inlet has been added to the dome section that passes the gas to be analysed over the sensor so you can check your mix when assembled too. Analox have worked in the diving industry for over 25 years and are specialists in designing analysers to help look after the air you breathe.

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