- Petrel 2 Dive Computer

The Petrel 2 is a highly customisable dive computer that supports recreational, technical open circuit and closed circuit straight out of the box., along with a three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass. The Petrel 2 is fitted with a high resolution QVGA, full colour LED backlit LCD display which offers low energy consumption for longer battery life. The display will automatically adjust intensity based on available light to make the display easily readable whether on the surface in sunlight, in open water or in a cave.

The included CCR mode for rebreathers provides the ability to perform constant PO2 set point calculations for deco. During a decompression dive, the Petrel 2 provides complete information displays of all required stop times. The Petrel 2 can provide time-to-surface based on “look ahead” at planned gas switches. Multiple gas definition presets are supported with any combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. The Petrel 2 will NOT “lockout” after a missed stop or ascent rate violation.

For simplicity and availability the Petrel 2 runs using an AA battery. Lithium versions are recommended for improved battery life but alkaline are also accepted. A USB Bluetooth adaptor is also included for connectivity to desktop and smart devices for data transfer and firmware upgrades.

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