- Perdix Dive Computer

The Perdix has many features of the Petrel 2 but fitted into a smaller form and has been developed for both recreational, technical open circuit and closed circuit rebreather divers that need a computer that can handle the many combinations and complex configurations of breathing gases. The fact that the Perdix is so flexible and can be customised so heavily means it is always high on the wish list of any technical diver.

In terms of other features the Perdix supports three nitrox gases for recreational divers, multi-gas and trimix for technical open circuit divers as well as closed circuit fixed PPO2. There is also a gauge mode with will display a stop watch and provide logging functions. A 3-axis tilt compensated digital compass takes care of navigation and decompression is calculated using the Buhlmann Gradient Factor algorithm which allows for conservatism adjustment.

The Perdix is also available as a wireless air integration model. The Perdix AI supports up to two transmitters.

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