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Many people have tried Scuba diving and for one reason or another have not had the best experience, in many cases potentially putting in a situation that they no longer feel comfortable with Scuba diving.

You may just be incredibly apprehensive about being in the water in the first place but want to have a go. Maybe your partner, husband, wife are divers and you want to finally give it a go or you just want confidence when you are in the water swimming or snorkelling.

There are many reason why you may find yourself in these position but you are not the first nor will you be the last.

Good thing is, DiveStyle are here to help you with whatever issue you have with our Scuba diving clinic service.

What Will You Do?

No formal skills, no assessments (unless you want us to do so), just time in the water to help you address any issue you have, service like it's supposed to be done, just you and the instructor, 1 on 1.


Gear You Will Need?

Simple put, nothing unless you want to use your own gear. If you need any scuba diving equipment then we will supply. We have everything you need from mask, snorkel, fins to BCD's, regulators and computers.


What Do I Need To Do?

On any dive your safety is our upmost priority. To that end, for one of our dive professionals to escort you on the dive you will need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Be in good health. Sufferers of asthma, diabetes, claustrophobia or any respiratory, heart or other medical conditions need written medical approval in advance.

Even if you are not scuba diving, say just snorkelling or swimming etc then we will still require you to complete the form so that we have full disability of any potential problems.

What Is The Cost?

The Scuba clinic will cost £199. For that you get three pool sessions, a total of 3 hours of instructional staff 1:1 time, full equipment and a pre dive session discussion at the dive centre.

Please contact us for more details at or call us on 01189 761729


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