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Scuba Air Fills

With our 300 bar compressor and partial pressure system we can fill your air cylinder with any gas mix you need. Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox we have it all! Have an air gun cylinder to fill? No problem!


We have a great range of scuba diving rental equipment and all from premium brands like Scubapro, Mares and Oceanic. Whether you wish to hire for an evening, a day, a weekend or even a whole week we have great kit at great prices. All our equipments are serviced according to the

Computer & Watch Battery Changes

We are an approved Suunto Advanced Computer Watch (ACW) Centre. We can repair and perform battery changes on the complete range of Suunto dive computers. For an additional charge we provide a 'while you wait' battery change, subject to availability. We have a fully trained A.C.W.

Regulator Servicing

Our service centre are fully trained factory technitians. If in doubt bring the regulator to us or give us a call with the details and we will let you know if it can be serviced. Regulators should be serviced at regular intervals depending on time and the amount of use they have.

Interest Free Credit

DiveStyle can provide interest free credit on all courses and scuba equipment (subject to acceptance). We can provide interest free credit from 6 - 24 months in quick easy steps.

Bespoke Scuba Coaching

Do you remember every aspect of every dive course you've even undertaken? Are there certain skills you wish you could do better or with more confidence? Have you seen someone doing things in the water and thought 'I wish I could do that!'? If any of this sound familiar?

Escorted Diving

If you are new to diving or new to diving in UK waters then DiveStyle offer escorted dives at inland sites or coastal areas. Our dive guides have the knowledge of some of the most popular dive sites, both inland and coastal, and will offer a safe and enjoyable introduction

Safety Support Divers

Filming underwater requires specialist equipment but most of all requires highly trained, reliable safety divers that can allow you to get the job done as safely as possible, with minimum fuss. without safety divers who posses the relevant skills and experience, the film producer

Scuba Diving Clinic

Worried about some of your scuba diving skills? Had a bad experience or just want that confidence boost prior to starting a course? Then Scuba diving clinic is just the thing for you!

1-2-1 Family Scuba Courses

There is nothing more fantastic that learning to scuba dive ad a family, apart from learning to scuba dive on your own family course! Give us a call to discuss and start your family adventure today!

Regular servicing of your scuba equipment is very important to ensure you have a safe, reliable diving experience and also ensures that your expensive kit has a long life.

Diving regulators should be serviced at regular intervals depending on time and the amount of use they have. Cylinders have test dates and are subject to regulations, if your cylinder is out of date or in poor condition most air fill stations will refuse to fill it. When you need the battery changed on your Suunto dive computer then come as see us! We can perform same day if required.

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