Location: Swanage, UK

Two days diving with Divers Down, hard boat or pier diving.

Scenic dives, drift dives, multiple wreck dives
Marine life abundant with usual UK wrasse, nudibranchs, variety of crabs, lobster, blennies

Boat dives start from £20 but pier dives are free (you have to pay for entry to the pier).

We are pencilled in for some boat dives with Divers Down once we understand who is going and what they want to do


Accomodation is down to the individual diver. Here are some ideas for accomodation.

Local camping costs from £10 to £15 a night, depending on the size of the party and is often discounted the more nights you book. I recommend Ulwell Cottage Caravan Park. Situated 20 minutes walk from Swanage Beach, its facilities are second to none but with tents, make sure you ask for a level pitch. Tel 01929 422823, book early as they are very popular.

List of local accomodation

Scenic Dives

We are lucky in Swanage to have some really nice drift and reef Dives, on spring tides you can get water in the 12-16m range, ideal for a second dive, moving at up to 3.5kts. Its the nearest to flying underwater you can get, the closer you get you’re nose to the bottom the faster is seems you’re moving. It’s very important that you use a red SMB and that it is used from the start of a drift dive.

There is a nice site by Anvil point Light house on the old mussel beds, an area of no mussels! They used to extend out 300-400m from the cliffs but some years ago now they decided to legged it, well, they would have if mussels had legs!.

You can drift on the ebb or flood as there is no obstructions going east to west. The water will gradually get deeper at the end of any drift in this area. Average depth is approx 15-17m.

2 hours after high water Kyarra you can dive the Peveril Ledge just to the east of Swanage, a nice area with gullies 2-15m deep. You should try and keep inside the buoy as it can shelve away to 27m close to the east. There is a deep pit 300m to the SE of the buoy (The well) and its 38m deep not a place to visit on a second dive. However some experienced divers have done the dive, which they claimed was very enjoyable. This site is not divable when spring ebbs away.

Wreck Dives

Her are some examples of wreck dives that can be scheduled:


The Kyarra is a 4383 ton, twin-screw passenger and cargo liner, 415ft long with a beam of 52ft, launched in 1903.  She lies 1½ miles from Swanage Pier, at a depth of 30m, rising to 18m in some places.  She is also known as “the ship that was made of brass” owing to the large numbers of brass fittings used in her construction. 

The Kyarra plied the England-to-Australia run for the Australasian United Steam Navigation Co. She was requisitioned in World War One for use as a hospital ship, bringing home casualties from the battlefields in Flanders.  After the war, she returned to her previous trading route and was bound for Sydney from Southampton when she was torpedoed by a German submarine on 5 May, 1918.  She was hit amidships, killing six crew and sank very quickly, most of the crew were able to escape using the lifeboats.

Fleur de Lys

The Fleur De Lys is a 64′ fishing trawler that sunk around 4 years ago while being towed to Poole.  She is now fairly broken up but at 13m makes a good easy shallow dive, with plenty of fish life to make it interesting.


The French submarine chaser, Carantan, was seized by the British and handed over to the Free French after the fall of France in 1940.  She measures 120ft long with a narrow beam of only 20ft, weighing in at 400 tons.  Whilst operating as an escort and support vessel to the British submarine, HMS Rorqual, she capsized and sank on 21 December 1943.  Only 6 of her 23 crew were saved. 

Firth Fisher

Also known as Castle Reagh, this 168ft cargo steamer was transporting coal along the South Coast when she was reported lost on 25 February 1925.  She lies at a depth of 37m south east of the Kyarra, she is fairly intact and her bows stand 6m off the bottom whilst her stern is more broken up.

Betsy Anna

Built in 1892, the Betsy Anna (formerly known as the Ashington) foundered in Poole Bay whilst being towed to Cowes for repairs after tearing her plates in Devon.  She took on a lot of water, broke her bow and sank.  She lies in a depth of 24m with the bow collapsed backwards, standing 4m high, pointing upwards.  Whilst her boilers are easy to see, in positing and upright, her propeller is missing.

Aeolian Sky

The Aeolian Sky is a large wreck weighing 16,000 tons and lies 5 miles off of St Aldhelms Head.  She sunk on 4th November 1979 with her hold crammed with cargo and the decks piled high.  The decks have mostly been cleared but the hull is still full of cargo.  She lies at a depth of 30m to the seabed.

The Boat or Facilities

Skindeep ia a 11m  catamaran , purpose built for diving  launched in 2014 .

she is capable of 24knots cruises at 17 knots , so nice fast transfers to dive sites , She has all the standard extras , dive lift, toilet , tea/coffee etc

She is mainly used for shuttle dive trip ( shuttle trip  is a single dive trip out to a pre-planned dive site )

Most weekends  She has at least 3 dives a day available for individuals and groups to book on to .

After each dive the boat returns to Portland marina so divers can get Air/gas refills and maybe something to eat before if they want to, go back out again.

Experience Needed

Open Water and above. This is an idea dive trip for beginners!

There will be a number of the DiveStyle pro team on the trip, ready and waiting to answer all your questions.




To secure your space, you will need to pay a deposit to the Pirate Dive Club.



Want to know more about this trip, check out the following Facebook Event:



  • Location:
  • Vessel:
    Swanage Pier & Divers Down
  • Dates:
    May 2019
  • Itinerary:
    2 nights 
  • Cost:
    Boat dives start from £20 and pier entry starts from £2.50.
  • Minimum Experience:
    Open Water Diver
  • Recommended:
    PADI Deep Diver

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