Location: Portland, UK

Winter Wonder Weekend!

Two days diving with Skin Deep Scenic dives, drift dives, multiple wreck dives.

Marine life abundant with usual UK wrasse, nudibranchs, variety of crabs, lobster.

£70 per person for four dives over two days
Portland Harbour, Lulworth Banks and Balaclava Bay. 

Surcharge of £10 per person for Lulworth banks (scalloping) or Black Hawk (weather permitting)


The Bunker B&B is now a separate option (bring sleeping bags).

12 beds split across four rooms (Bring your own sleeping bags)

Breakfast for two mornings

Packed Lunch for two days

£46 per person for the weekend

Scenic Dives

Weymouth & Portland is situated in the centre of Dorset’s Jurassic coastline with an abundance of reef and ledge dives such as Pulpit rock, Durdle door, Stennis ledges and Lulworth banks which are all homes to an amazing verity of marine life. We’ve also got some of the countrys classic drift dives round the area of Portland Bill and are very often the choice of second dives. Life thrives in these strong tidal conditions and the area offers a number of good drift dives, some will fly you through dramatic seabed locations lined with deadmans fingers and plumrose anenomies. Look more closely amongst this marine growth and you will often find unusual nudibranchs, octopus, as well as gorgeously coloured anemones that adorn these gullies.

Wreck Dives

The English Channel is the busiest shipping Channel in the world and with the help of two world wars and ports that have sailed vessels since wood could float it is now channel the most wreck-infested stretches of water in the world. There are more wrecks per square mile in the English Channel than anywhere else in the world. Skin deep diving over the last 30 years has visited over 160 new wreck sites with in its day range, some of the most well known wrecks in the area and especially popular with customers are the wrecks of the Salsette, Kyarra,M2, Avalanche, and the Aeolian Sky.

The Boat or Facilities

Skindeep ia a 11m  catamaran , purpose built for diving  launched in 2014 .

she is capable of 24knots cruises at 17 knots , so nice fast transfers to dive sites , She has all the standard extras , dive lift, toilet , tea/coffee etc

She is mainly used for shuttle dive trip ( shuttle trip  is a single dive trip out to a pre-planned dive site )

Most weekends  She has at least 3 dives a day available for individuals and groups to book on to .

After each dive the boat returns to Portland marina so divers can get Air/gas refills and maybe something to eat before if they want to, go back out again.

Experience Needed

Open Water and above. This is an idea dive trip for beginners!

There will be a number of the DiveStyle pro team on the trip, ready and waiting to answer all your questions.




To secure your space, you will need to pay a deposit to the Pirate Dive Club.



Want to know more about this trip, check out the following Facebook Event:



  • Location:
  • Vessel:
    Skin Deep
  • Dates:
    March 2019
  • Itinerary:
    2 nights 
  • Cost:
    £70 per person for four dives over two days
  • Minimum Experience:
    Open Water Diver
  • Recommended:
    PADI Deep Diver

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