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We will fill your cylinder (based on a single cylinder) while you wait in our lounge area, sipping a cup of tea and simply relax.

Why not watch one of our many dive videos while you chill with a tea or coffee, just ask the staff to pop a movie on and kick back and relax.

Air, Nitrox and Trimix fills

Cylinder Fills

Are you a diver needing an air fill in your tank or maybe you use an Air Gun or Paintball Gun and need a gas fill?

We can help!

We can provide air fills up to 300 Bar, and for diver’s we can blend Nitrox and Trimix fills of just about any mix as we use a partial pressure blending process.

Ensure your cylinder is in test date!

European standards mean that the testing dates and standards are regularly changing. Always ensure that your cylinder(s) is in test to avoid disappointment from being refused by a dive centre because it is out of date.

Remember, the longer we have to complete the fill, allows the fill to ‘settle’ and you get a more accurate and better top end on your fill, it’s just physics baby!

Testing of Diving and Air Rifle Cylinders:

For a DIVING Cylinder, you will need it checked;

  • Visual Inspection – every 2.5 years
  • Hydrostatic Inspection – every 5 years
  • O2 Clean – 15 Months – if you intend to use enriched air in your
  • cylinder it is recommended to have your cylinder O2 cleaned.

For an AIR GUN Cylinder, you will need it checked;

  • Hydrostatic Inspection – every 5 years

For a PAINTBALL Cylinder, you will need it checked;

  • Hydrostatic Inspection – every 5 years

Want Nitrox and/or Trimix?

Your cylinder MUST be in test and have a valid O2 clean date.

Please note if you are using enriched air or trimix for diving, we will require proof of certification; for example a valid Enriched Air (Nitrox) certification card.
How long will I need to wait?

Air Fill: 

It only takes us about 5 – 10 minutes! (to fill one cylinder)


Approximately 30 minutes, depending on the mix required (to fill one cylinder).

While your cylinder is being filled we have a nice comfy area where you can sit with a cuppa and wait for your cylinder. Ask the staff to pop on one of our many dive adventure movies and kick back and relax!

We have a minimum of 30 minutes (depending on the mix) but please give, us as much time as possible to complete your Nitrox fill, this is so that we can ensure the accuracy of the mix.


We normally have a good stock of Helium so Trimix fills are not normally a problem. However, with Helium becoming more and more scarce, we do recommend calling ahead before coming in for a Trimix fill, this way you can avoid a wasted journey in the unlikely event we do not have any Helium at that point in time.

Doing Trimix fills by partial pressure is tricky, so we ask that you give us at least 2 hours to do the fill and let it settle. Ideally we would like it to settle over night if possible.

Air Fill Costs:

Air fills are available up to 300 bar. Our air exceeds current requirements for recreational and technical diving, and a certification of analysis is displayed in the shop at all times. The filling of cylinders is strictly done under the guidelines of HSE and only cylinders conforming to these standards can be filled on site.

Filling your tanks regularly? Check out our Gas Cards which gives you a minimum of two free fills with every Gas Card.

Air Fills – Up to 232 bar Price
Rebreather Cylinders (up to 3ltr) £4.50
Stage Cylinders (up to 7ltr) £4.50
Single Cylinders (up to 15ltr) £5.00
Twinsets £10.00

Enriched Air (Nitrox) Fill Costs:

Nitrox is available from 22% through to 99%. Only cylinders conforming to HSE specifications can be filled on site, and customers will be required to present their certification card for their first Nitrox fill.

Nitrox can only be issued to those people who have proof of certification and only fills appropriate to that level of certification will be provided. For example, an Enriched Air Diver certification will only allow you to purchase a Nitrox fill of up to 40%.

As we use Partial Pressure Blending to provide the blend of your choice, cylinders must be oxygen clean and in test. Please note that we require proof of certification for all gas fills other than air, including nitrox, trimix and oxygen fills.

Fills that are not listed on the tables below will be charged per litre of oxygen and helium as required plus an air top off. Exact prices of your fills are available upon request. Complete the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively give us a call on 01189 791762.

Nitrox Fills 3ltr 7ltr 10ltr 12ltr 15ltr
Up to 32% £7.00 £9.00 £11.00 £11.00 £13.00
Up to 36% £9.00 £10.00 £12.00 £14.00 £18.00
Up to 40% £9.00 £14.00 £15.00 £18.50 £24.00
Up to 50% £10.00 £15.00 £19.00 £22.50  

Any mix over 50% is done using the price per litre from the table below.

Oxygen Costs:

Oxygen can be supplied up to 200 bar, providing the cylinders are in test and oxygen clean. Either a suitable diving qualification or oxygen administration certificate will be needed to obtain these fills.

Oxygen Fills – Up to 232 bar Price
Oxygen per ltr 2.2p
Handling Charge £2.50

Trimix & Heliox Costs:

Trimix is available to those certified to use it. Gas can be provided to your individual needs and requirements, subject to certification. Helium is charged at 3.9p per litre and oxygen at 1.5p per litre; there is also a nominal charge for the air, which depends on cylinder size. All helium fills are charged per litre, plus the oxygen and air top, and proof of certification is required.

Fills that are not listed on the price tables will be charged per litre of oxygen and helium as required, plus an air top off. Exact prices of your fills are available upon request; please complete the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or alternatively give us a call on 0113 263 8977.

Trimix Fills – Up to 232 bar Price
Helium per ltr 3.5p
Oxygen per ltr 3.2p
Tmx Blending & Air Charge £3.50

Certification Cards:

Please remember to bring your certification with you for your first fill. This will allow us to add you to our database for future reference. Gas can only be signed out if an appropriate certification is provided. We reserve the right to charge for any gas which has to be drained due to customers not being able to provide suitable documentation. Failure to pay for gas drained will mean cylinders being retained until the matter is resolved, the gas has been paid for or proof of certification is provided. Cylinders may be sold to recoup costs. Please ensure your cylinders are in test and rated to the appropriate service standard.




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