Red Sea Holiday – St John’s. 31st October – 7th November

DiveStyle are on the move again! 31st October – 7th November

We are back out to Egypt on the fantastic St John’s reef tour of the deep south.

October 31st – 7th November 2012 – £1125.00 – Inc Flights and FREE Nitrox (please add 2.5% if paying by credit card and £15 to cover Egyptian visa)

£250 deposit required to secure you place.

Boat: Gran Sea Serpent 

Average Water Temp: 19 – 28 C 
Average Air Temp:
 19 – 35 C 
Average Visability:
 15 – 25m 
Good for:
 Reefs and Very Big Fish! Also some fantastic wrecks. 
Suitable for beginners:

Complete your advanced open water on holiday for £199, complete your deep or wreck diver speciality for £99.

Everyone is encouraged to bring along a suitable pirate outfit. There will be a prize for the best pirate costume!

St Johns is a large reef system right at the end of the Egyptian Red Sea and all time favourite with scuba divers. Lying a hairs width above the Sudanese border, a trip St Johns is a trip to the very edges – and back again. Not content to only offer up the awesome diving of the deep south, this itinerary packs in more, stopping at the stunning reef systems of Fury Shoal and Wadi Gamal. This itinerary truly is the best way to see the Southern Red Sea in its all its glory, on a single liveaboard holiday far from the crowds.

After the check dive, Shaab Sharm is the ideal southerly stopping point on the way down to St Johns. A large oval reef with walls and colourful plateau, Shaab Sharm is an excellent dive day or night. After sailing overnight, you will wake up in the heart of St Johns. The entire region is filled with every kind of marine life, from the smallest nudibranch’s to the largest. Bumphead parrot fish, baby white tips, barracuda and napoleons comb the deep south, whereas snapper, hawk fish, batfish and morays roam the more northern stop offs. Flat worms, nudibranch’s and cleaning stations give ample reason to smile especially for the macro fiends amongst us. In between dives, keep an eye on the horizon as dolphin pods move between the reef systems on the hunt for a tasty snack… or some bow waves to ride. Diving the habillis is the order of the day. These submerged reefs are simply sumptuous wall dives where gentle currents, great gorgonians and soft corals abound. Lazy afternoons at Gota Kebir, Gota Soraya, Abu Basala or Dangerous reef make time for dives around pristine pinnacles and plateaus. St Johns cave to the north makes for a memorable dive. Here shallow cracks in the reef plate open into caverns and overhangs. Fury Shoal is famous for her hard corals – do not miss Shaab Claudia, Malahi or Abu Galawa Soraya. These ancient structures are as bright as they impressive. Shiriniat in Wadi Gamal is a must see stop off on the way back north for a lighthearted drift Final dives in the Marsa Alam region closes a spectacular week of unparalleled reef diving.

The St Johns itinerary is perfect for every diver, no matter what experience level. The diving is straight forward so you can concentrate more on the mind blowing marine life in this veritable underwater aquarium. Diving takes place both from the boat and RIB. With walls, pinnacles, caves, night diving over the whole week, the St Johns itinerary is packed with the dives that everyone can enjoy. Currents tend to mild and minimal. Every diver on the St Johns itinerary faces the same impossible task – to decide which is the star of this show. The reef life is breathtaking and everywhere you look there is yet another fishy spot for the log book. Yet the pristine and healthy corrals are as much a super star on this itinerary. See for yourself just why the Southern Red Sea keeps people coming back for more year after year.



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