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We Are Open... Please Click Here To Book An Appointment To Come See Us

Zuma BCD


The Aqua Lung Zuma BCD is the perfect choice for the travelling diver who does not want to pay excess baggage fees thanks to it's lightweight materials and design. The Zuma uses a minimalist style harness, soft backplate and wing style bladder to create an ultra lightweight BCD.

The way the Zuma has been designed and created means that it can be folded and rolled into a very small size, making packing it into your cargo luggage or even cabin luggage really easy. The shoulder straps and backplate are suitable cushioned to make the BCD comfortable to use but remain lightweight and quick drying.

Using a soft backplate usually means losing some of the stability of the BCD but Aqua Lung redesigned the cylinder straps to lower the centre of gravity of the cylinder and also to use it to reinforce the structure of the BCD. Whilst the primary strap does the job of clamping the BCD to the cylinder, a second strap helps to keep the cylinder in line and prevent the BCD folding over.

The Zuma features the SureLock II integrated weight system to make weight distribution safe and hassle free. As the Zumna is a lightweight BCD the pouches do take up the space normally reserved for pockets so Aqua Lung added a roll down pouch for accessories. Knife grommets are provided above the left weight pouch slot, allowing a BCD knife such as the Aqua Lung Squeezelock Knife to be fitted.

The ultra-light, back inflation BC with integrated weight system has everything required, without the weight and bulk: the size ML/LG weighs less than 2.2 kg (4.75 lbs) including the weight pockets and airway!