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We Are Open... Please Click Here To Book An Appointment To Come See Us

Suunto Stinger and Spyde Dive Computer Battery Replacement

by Suunto
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The Suunto Stinger and Spyder were the first truly advanced computer watches that Suunto produced but they definitely didn't feature user changeable batteries. Changing the battery on these computers is fiddly and a wrong slip of a tool can irreparably damage the computer. Our technicians are fully certified to change these batteries and have all the genuine tools and equipment to do a perfect job.

We are one of the few fully authorised Suunto Level 1 service centres in the UK capable of carrying out all Suunto battery changes and servicing in store. Not only do our technicians need to meet Suunto's stringent test standards but our servicing department also has to meet certain environmental and equipment requirements including dust free and Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protected workstations, controlled humidity levels as well as the use of approved tools and genuine service kits. We also pressure test all battery replacements and repair work to four atmospheres to ensure all seals are watertight before returning the computer to the customer. 

Please note that due to the deterioration of batteries and o-rings we can only use our own stocks of genuine kits to ensure you get the maximum life out of your battery and optimal seal integrity. Our kits are carefully monitored and rotated to ensure our stock is always fresh.