Fins are an essential part of any scuba diver’s equipment. They allow divers to move around and accelerate themselves forward with ease. The bare human foot will not let you do this very well; it is after all, a lot smaller and less powerful.

Made with specialist materials for ultimate performance, our selection of diving fins will help you glide through the water efficiently and effectively.

DiveStyle also offers dedicated freediving fins and spearfishing fins. This type of fins tend to be longer, and their blades are more flexible and efficient in transferring your kick power. Mares Pure Instinct is one of the top collections offering high-quality freediving fins and spearfishing fins, including entry-level fins and full carbon fibre fins with interchangeable blades. Mares also produces one of the most iconic open heel fins like Avanti Quattro Pro, which started a revolution a few years back. Nowadays, the company offers excellent fins with a proven performance record.

Aqua Lung Fins are world-famous for their innovation and reliability – after all, they are coming from one of the biggest dive gear manufacturers. Aqua Lung produces a selection of full foot and open heel, strapped fins which have a reputation for being innovative, robust and easy-kicking.

Scubapro Fins have been setting up a benchmark since the beginning. They have been leading the way in producing kicking power for over 50 years. Scubapro’s open-heel Jet fins are still one of the best fins on the market setting standard for durability and performance. Scubapro product appeal to the broadest audience of divers from open water divers and advanced divers to diving instructors, military and civil emergency services. You go Scubapro; you will not be disappointed.

We have a selection of diving and snorkelling fins in a range of different sizes, styles and colours, making sure we have the right one to suit you and offer you the best flexibility, fit and comfort.

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