Team Divestyle

Simon comes from Berkshire, England, Simon completed his first dive back in 2018 and has exchanged the world of IT for the SCUBA diving, he traded in his desk and four walls for the deep blue sea. It was more than a career change – it was a life change.

Simon loves hanging with his bestie, Gary the Pike and George the Crab. He enjoys the thrill of flying weightlessly as he explores places most human beings don’t get to see.

Simon is one of our underwater recovery specialists, and has helped people find, rings, car keys and a Jet Ski... yes a Jet Ski! 

Simon enjoys ... (name three specs)

Some of Simon's bests dives sites are:

  • Chesil Beach
  • Sawage Bay
  • NDAC

On Simon's bucket list of dives are:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Manta Point Bali
Pro Team

Simon Addison

  • Divemaster In Training