Team Divestyle

Holly from Berkshire, England, began diving in 2018 – When her husband introduced her to the underwater world. Since then her shared passion for adventure and ocean conservation

Holly has become a PADI Torchbearers who explores and protect the ocean, and to raise awareness about the importance of taking action to save the underworld world.

Each year Holly organises our PADI Women’s Dive Day event, naturally globally these events have taken on conservation causes at their core, giving divers the opportunity to get involved, give back and have a positive impact on ocean health.

Holly is not only a keen diver but she makes up part of our Freediving Team here at DiveStyle.

Holly loves teaching scuba – especially seeing divers’ faces the moment they “get it” and fall in love with the underwater world. If she could, she would teach the entire world to dive just to make everyone happier.

Holly enjoys identifying and photographing fish from her travels all over the world.

Some of Holly's bests dives sites are:

  • Tubbataha Reefs - Philippines
  • Ranvelli Island - Maldives
  • Balicasag Island - Philippines

On Holly's bucket list of dives are:

  • Siquijor Island Philippines
Pro Team

Holly Stepney

  • Assistant Instructor