Team Divestyle

Danny comes from Berkshire, England - After his first Discover Scuba Dive in Greece in 2000, He is one of our owners and now enjoys diving the local lakes and coast line here in the UK and at our resort in the Philippines.

He loves the silence, peace and weightlessness of the underwater world. Danny looks at diving as his own form of personal therapy – at night turning from scuba instructor into crime fighter as he dons a superhero costume and goes forth protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Danny has taken part in underwater conservation projects working with the biggest fish in the ocean.

Danny enjoys wreck diving, underwater photography, and is a master wizard with his gas blending skills. 

Some of Danny's bests dives sites are:

  • Portland Harbour - UK
  • Tubbataha Reefs - Philippines

On Danny's bucket list of dives are:

  • White Shark Dive - South Africa
  • Japanese Wrecks of Coron Bay - Philippines


Pro Team

Danny Stepney

  • Director Of DiveStyle

  • Speciality Instructor

  • EFR Instructor Trainer

  • FAW Instructor Trainer