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Whether you wish to hire for an evening, a day, a weekend or even a whole week we have great kit at great prices.

Whether you wish to hire for an evening, a day, a weekend or even a whole week we have great kit at great prices.

All our equipments are serviced according to the manufacturers recommendations. This ensures that you can trust the equipment you hire!

You will need to provide some form of proof that you are qualified or experienced in the use regulators and drysuits, this is for your safety.

Items available to hire include :

Full Kit Hire

Full kit hire with wetsuit. Daily cost £60, weekend cost £100
Full kit hire with drysuit. Daily cost £70, weekend cost £110

Semi dry suits - 7mm "Waterproof" brand with 5mm hooded over-vest

Daily cost £20, weekend cost £30


Daily cost £50, weekend cost £80


Daily cost £25, weekend cost £40


Regulators without computer. Daily cost £25, weekend cost £40
Regulators with computer. Daily cost £35, weekend cost £60

Sea fins

Daily cost £15


Daily cost £20 (up to 16kg)

Cylinders Air (10ltr, 12ltr, 15ltr)

Daily cost £15 inclusive of fill, weekend cost £25 inclusive of fill

Cylinders Nitrox (10ltr, 12ltr, 15ltr)

Daily cost £20 plus fill, weekend cost £30 plus fill

Please call us to discuss your requirements and to reserve your kit needs in advance. Most equipment is available to purchase throughout the year so if you like what you have used you can always buy the exact same equipment afterwards!

PLEASE NOTE: An impression of your card will be taken at the time of collection. NO monies will be debited against the card.

£200.00 refundable deposit will be taken for standard hire. 

£400.00 refundable deposit will be taken for dry suit, semi dry or full kit hire including a semi dry. 

£600.00 refundable deposit will be taken for a full set of kit hire that includes a dry suit. 


Terms & Conditions Equipment Hire

  1. You MUST be in possession of the relevant qualification to hire equipment.
  2. You MUST show your relevant qualification card at the time of hire.
  3. There is no charge fo hire if you cancel that hire 5 days prior to the requested hire date.
  4. If you cancel with less than 5 days notice, you will be charge 50% of the hire charge.
  5. If you request a mix, other than Air and then proceed to cancel the hire, you will be charged for the cost of the mix and the labour regardless.
  6. If you are a student and not from DiveStyle then you must ask the instructor, school or club to provide proof that you are on a course and under supervision.
  7. The Hirer is responsible for ALL damages and/or loss to equipment.
  8. Daily Hire - all equipment is to be returned by 12:00am on the day following the last day of hire.
  9. Weekend Hire - all equipment is to be collected after 1:00pm on the Friday and returned by 12:00am on the Monday.
  10. The hire charge will apply from the time you take the equipment to the time you return the equipment.
  11. No refund will be given if you do not use the equipment during the hire period, unless the equipment is found to be faulty or unusable by our service technician.
  12. Late return of equipment may result in an extra day or half day charge.
  13. Misuse will constitute grounds for the cessation of the hire and may prohibit you from further hiring of equipment.
  14. Early return does not affect the cost of the hire.
  15. Early return does not allow re issue.
  16. The Hirer must treat the equipment in accordance with manufacturers & ‘DiveStyle’ best practice & recommendations.
  17. The Hirer should inspect and confirm satisfaction with the item hired before acceptance of the contract.
  18. The Hirer should notify the owner (DiveStyle) of any faults or damage on return or as soon as possible.
  19. Incorrect use or purpose may result in cessation of hire.
  20. DiveStyle Pirate Club Members will receive the relevant club discount on all hire equipment.


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