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Regular servicing of your scuba equipment is very important to ensure safe, reliable performance and to ensure your expensive kit has a long life.


Regular servicing of your scuba equipment is very important to ensure safe, reliable performance and to ensure your expensive kit has a long life. Diving regulators should be serviced at regular intervals depending on time and the amount of use they have.

If you are within a 25 mile radius of DiveStyle we can provide a collect and return service at an additional cost.

Please contact the dive centre for more details.

Your service will take between 1 - 2 weeks depending on the time of the dive season. 

If you require your regulator servicing in less than 7 days then please contact us for availability and cost. 

After servicing you have a 3 month warranty, if you find anything wrong with the equipment in that time period then please return it to our service centre.

The terms and conditions associated with your service are very strict. They are strict to make sure that in the unlikely event that you have an issue after your regulator has been serviced we can get resolve quickly. 

NOTE: Low & High pressure seats

Low & high pressure seats go through a process of “bedding in”, this may change slightly after a few dives. This may cause the second stage to “run on” or “free flow”. Return the regulator for a free check and we will readjust the line pressure, plus readjust the second stages. This is a routine adjustment.

DO NOT attempt any of the following:

  • Dive on the equipment if you suspect an issue with the serviced item, contact DiveStyle immediately.
  • Try to fix the serviced item yourself, even if you are a certified service engineer.
  • Request a different service centre to dismantle or service item without contacting DiveStyle first.
  • Remove any of the anti tamper paint installed by our service centre.

If in doubt you can contact us on, 01189 761729 or use the contact us form on our webpage

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow the simple guideline above will invalidate your warranty.

Regulator Servicing Labour Costs

The labour costs for regulator servicing are as follows:

  • 1 first stage & 2 second stages £49.99
  • 1 first stage & 1 second stage £32.00
  • First stage only £24.99
  • Second stage only £20.00

The labour cost does NOT include parts, we cannot give you a cost on parts until we dismantle the regulator for servicing, it is only at that point will we know what parts will be required.

TOP tips to help keep your regulators in tip top condition between servicing.

At the end of your trip, follow the post-dive steps to keep it in top-notch condition until next time.


1. Connect your regulator to a tank when preparing your gear for a dive trip. Take a few breaths from the regulator, a few breaths from the octopus and check the SPG for an accurate reading. 

2. Visually inspect all regulator hoses to ensure there are no cracks, make sure there are no holes or tears in the mouthpieces and check the metal fittings for corrosion. 

3. If you use hose protectors, slide them away from the first stage to check beneath them. At the same time, look for corrosion on the metal first stage. Cracks in the hoses or obvious corrosion on any of the regulator's components require professional service from a qualified technician. 

4. Next, disconnect the regulator from the tank, replace the dust cover, inhale on each regulator forcefully and hold a vacuum. Each regulator should let in either a very tiny trickle of air or no air at all. 

5. Check each second-stage housing for cracks.


1. When rinsing your regulator, make sure the purge valves on the second stages don't get depressed and the first stage dust cover is firmly in place. 

2. After dunking the entire octopus, rinse your second stages by running warm water through the regulator mouthpiece and out the exhaust diaphragm. 

3. Rinse the fitting that connects to your low-pressure inflator by working the slip coupling back and forth while holding it under warm running water.

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