Oceanic Professional Program – Up To 30%

Oceanic Professional Discount

You’re a professional diver, and you depend on your equipment when teaching, guiding or working.

Oceanic and Hollis recognises the commitment and effort you make towards the industry and wants to reward you with discounted equipment.

You can select from a wide range of products from Oceanic & Hollis, including regulators, bcds, wings, sidemount and drysuits. You can select multiple items across different groups. We’ll even give you free service parts for life and register your product for you.

How does it work?

1. Download the application form below

2. Select which products you want; one from each category, complete your details

3. Send us the form and we’ll ship your product to your choosen Oceanic dealer.

4. Visit your local Oceanic dealer, pay for your product and collect them.

The Professional application form is available for download from here.

Remember: this promotion runs for the duration of 2013 and is open to all renewed Professionals in the UK industry, including Divemaster / Dive Leader and above. Full details of the process are available in the application form above.

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