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Project AWARE
scuba diving for the enviroment
PADI Divers Starting A Dive For Debris

The PADI Open Water Diver is an entry level course that will allow you to get heavily involved in the project AWARE initiative.

So who is Project AWARE? Project AWARE is an independent non profit organisation formed by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) to work in partnership with divers and underwater enthusiasts to conserve underwater environments through education, support and action.

Project aware divers
Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbissh!

Project AWARE, which stands for Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education, has support in over 182 countries and covers activities such as; Dive Against Debris, CoralWatch and the Whale Shark Project. Project AWARE inspires conservation through public awareness and education campaigns.

100% Project AWARE Dive Centre

DiveStyle is 100% AWARE. This means we make a donation to Project AWARE for every student that gets certified with us.

DiveStyle Is AWARE

Why is this so important? Well for starters, the Earth’s temperature is regulated by the ocean, and if we continue to ignore the damage done and simply stand by and watch as the oceans are destroyed, so will the earth we live on slowly start to follow.

Through activities like beach clean ups and underwater clean ups, scientists are able to use tabulated debris to determine to determine major pollution sources.

Dive Against Debris

Simple & Easy

The best part, is that anyone can become a part of these movements! Its as simple as finding out about your local marine environment, the marine life, the conservation and by also getting involved in specific conservation projects!

Another direct and interactive method would be to become part of the diving community! The underwater world is breathtakingly beautiful, more than fun to experience and every PADI diver is given an introduction to Project AWARE and an opportunity to join and support!

Make Yourself AWARE

Anyone can make a difference and help our oceans try survive. We have been terrible custodians of our oceans and after years of abuse they need our help before it is to late.

As a diver you can get further involved by looking at continuing your education to improve your skills and habits while diving.

Project AWARE Success

Some course you may find of benefit:

AWARE Fish Identification – Learning how to identify various species, family groups and good diving habits.
Underwater Naturalist, learning about major aquatic life groupings, interactions, the role of aquatic plants, food chains and predator/prey relationships.

Peak Performance Buoyancy – Improving dive habits, technique and perfecting your underwater buoyancy which will ensure you keep your fins and body far from any helpless coral.

Underwater Navigation – Don’t get lost! Make sure you can always find your precious coral patch/nursery.

Nitrox Enriched Air – Perhaps you feel like you need more time doing Reef Check surveys, stay down longer with blended gas, more Oxygen means more bottom time!

But remember, there are simple things you can do on every dive to ensure you are doing your bit to improve and protect the environment!

Simply improving your diving habits will make a difference and also motivate others around you to improve their diving skills!



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