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PADI Bubble Maker

PRICE: £40.00

PADI Bubble Maker.

What a great way to introduce children to scuba diving in a pool in less than six feet of water. Celebrate a birthday by throwing a memorable, exciting Bubblemaker party with friends and family at your local PADI dive shop or resort. It's fun, easy and safe.

The fun part.

Youngsters can join in the family fun of scuba diving or even start a trend! Children should be comfortable in the water, but they don't have to be super swimmers. With youngsters in mind, the maximum depth is only 2 metres/ 6 feet.

Typical sessions last about an hour (sign up, gear up and fun included)

Also available as an open water experience (2 metres/ 6 feet max. depth)

The scuba gear you use.

Children use all the basic scuba gear, which is made for their size and stature:

We have jackets specifically designed to fit childre.

We use small 7ltr cylinders to allow the child more control during the lesson.

We have child mask and snorkel sets for the duration of the bubble maker.

What you learn.

Kids get a chance to :

  • Experience what scuba diving is like under the direct care and supervision of PADI Instructors
  • Take their first breath underwater 
  • Learn about and use scuba diving equipment made for children not adults

How long will it take?

Get ready to dive today as this takes just a couple of hours. Once your instructor has briefed your child, we will get them in the water as quickly as possible so they can start the fun. So get ready for your child to have a great scuba diving adventure.

For group bookings such as scouts, youth organisations or just a family day out then please email us at info'at' (please replace 'at' with @) or give us a call on the number below.

Where can I go from here?

To book your place, call us on 0118 9761729, email us.

10 Reasons to Learn to Dive

1. Escape to a different world. Scuba diving takes you to a different world with new colours, shapes, textures and creatures – a world where the roles you play – husband, wife, mother, father, friend – take on a new dimension. Become a scuba diver and escape to a peaceful place to renew your energy and excite your senses.

2. Explore new places. Scuba diving frees you to explore the underwater world – from historic shipwrecks and pristine reefs to the mysteries of your local quarry. Become a scuba diver and explore what you’ve been missing.

3. Experience a connection with nature; a feeling of freedom, and a transformation. Diving connects you with nature. It immerses you in new sensations and experiences. It transforms your perception of life forever. Become a diver and transform yourself.

4. Inexpensive compared with getting started in other popular adventure sports and outdoor activities learning to dive isn’t expensive. For example, you can expect to pay about the same as you would for:

  • a full day of surfing lessons
  • a weekend of rock climbing lessons
  • a weekend of kayaking lessons
  • a weekend of fly-fishing lessons
  • about three hours of private golf lessons
  • about three hours of private water skiing lessons
  • one amazing night out at the pub!

5. Great value as learning to dive is a great value when you consider that your PADI diving Instructor is a highly trained and experienced dive professional. Invest in scuba diving lessons and learn something you’ll enjoy the rest of your life. From the first day, diving starts transforming your life with new experiences you share with friends. And, you can do it almost anywhere there is water.

6. Dive anywhere there’s water – from a swimming pool to the ocean and all points in between, including quarries, lakes, rivers and springs. Your dive experience level, site accessibility, conditions and your interests determine where you can dive. For example, if you’ve just finished your PADI Open Water Diver course, you probably won’t be diving under the Antarctic ice on your next dive. But, don’t limit your thinking to dive in the warm, clear water you see in travel magazines. Some of the best diving is closer than you think, and more unusual than you think.

7. Dive Local Diving. Your own back yard has more to offer than you might first think. They may be a ship-wreck, manmade reservoir or a fossil-filled river. It’s not all about great visibility because what you see is more important than how far you see.

8. PADI training is the best system in the world. The only truly important thing about where you dive is that you have the training and experience appropriate for diving there, and that you have a dive buddy to go with you. Your local PADI Dive Centre or Resort can help you organize great local diving or a dive vacation. Visit today to get started.

9. Dive Now! You’ll be diving in less time than you think. Typically, you complete the PADI Open Water Diver course over anywhere from three or four days to six weeks, depending upon how frequently you meet with your dive instructor. PADI diving courses are performance-based, which means your dive instructor is interested in you learning to dive, not in how long you sit in a class. This means that you progress at your own pace – faster or slower depending upon the time you need to become a confident diver who dives regularly.

10. It’s fun! You will find your social life really takes off when you start diving. The contacts you make through this sport can potentially last a lifetime. The fun you have outside of the water can equal the enjoyment you have in it. What have you got to lose?

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