How scuba diving can change the way you see things

Scuba diving and mental health
Broaden your horizons and shift your perspective!

You’r somewhere between nervous and excited. You put on your mask. Breathing through your regulator you start to descend. To your amazement, you realise that you have entered another dimension! All your life you looked at the surface of the ocean and thought it was a mirror, but now you see it is really a portal. How could you not have known this world existed?

The horizon is broader than you ever imagined and you’ve just had your first tiny glimpse of the true depth of the planet. Your perspective on the earth has just gone through a massive shift. The world seems bigger, because when we perceive something from a different angle we see more. 

Scuba Diving can change the way you see things - new perspective
A view From Below

Diving may change the way we view things because …

  1. Travel broadens the mind – as a diver you explore new patches of ocean at every opportunity. Scuba travel means immersing yourself in the environment and experiencing other cultures.
  2. “No Blue, no green” – half of the world’s oxygen is produced in the ocean. Breathe underwater and you can see for yourself where that air comes from!
  3. Changing roles – you will move from being a student, to being a more experienced diver, perhaps eventually supporting new divers yourself. On your journey as a scuba diver, there is always another perspective to find. 
  4. New possibilities – Diving with people who are different from you! Your buddy may be someone you would never have met in real-life. Different languages, careers and cultures, but there is one thing you have in common: you are divers. And diving brings connection.
  5. The way you look at yourself has changed – your breathing underwater! You overcome challenges that you never even knew were on your horizon. And that horizon just keeps expanding!
Perspective shifting

Perspective Taking

The ability to shift ourselves into seeing things a different way is called “perspective taking”. It is a skill that humans develop throughout life, as we gather more experiences we become increasingly capable of moving ourselves through different perspectives. We can stand in another person’s shoes and we can imagine ourselves in different places and times.

Perspective shifting is important for scuba diving skills, such as dive planning, effective communication and staying aware. The ability to shift between multiple perspectives is associated with empathy, and the ability to infer what another person is thinking. Flexibility of perspective shifting is also thought to impact on mental health, because if you can adjust your

The affect of being under water on your mental health issues can be amazing
Relaxing & Beautiful

view you can look at things differently.

Health & Mental Wellness Benefits

Scuba diving offers a variety of health and mental wellness benefits. Those who manage mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD have found that the sport of scuba diving offers them a great deal of mental health benefits.

Organisations such as Deptherapy have hard evidence to show the positive affects that scuba diving has on PTSD.

deptherapy study
Photo: Dmitry Knyazev/Deptherapy

Meet multiple parts of yourself. See the world from many directions.  

Dive! And live deeply.

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