Easter adventures diving in Jersey – Incroyable?

Scuba diving in the UK and channel islands

UK & Island Scuba Diving

Susan has only been scuba diving for just over a year, Starting with her PADI Open Water Course, Susan has embraced UK Scuba Diving with an absolute passion! Her enthusiasm is extremely infectious and Susan is always up for a UK dive.
Susan has recently joined the DiveStyle Dive Club – The Pirates and is now a committee member doing some fantastic work.

Susan’s Story

I have been diving for one year and it would be an understatement to say I’ve got the diving bug. This Easter I spent my holiday diving in Jersey with my best buddy, Graham.

UK Scuba Diving
This is Bouley Bay on the north coast of Jersey

Having started our diving adventures in Malta last Easter, we have spent a lot of time honing our skills in Jersey. This is our favourite bay as it is sheltered and provides easy access to the water. There is also a dive school here, The Bouley Bay Dive Centre where we can get air refills, local info and advise.
As I have come to realise, divers are a great bunch of people; they are always happy to give you their time, help a newbie (like me) and share their skills.

Learn to scuba dive with DiveStyle
Sunset over St Aubin’s Bay

I have discovered the delights of night diving. The amount of life out and about at night is amazing. On my first night time outing last year, my bouyancy was terrible and I was bobbing up and down like a cork which frightened the life out of a large lobster on one of my rapid descents! If you do dive here at night you will almost certainly see lobster, spider crabs, rays, wrasse, flat fish and, much to our delight this time, a scorpion fish. There are hundreds of sea hares in the bay at the moment too. We thought they were quite big, about three to four centimetres long but how wrong were we. We went round the coast a bit to St Catherine’s Bay a couple of days later and they are monsters! Some as big and round as tennis balls. Actually, the bigger they are, they more interesting they become as you can see their markings. The little ones look like slugs with horns. Sorry, but they do.

Learning to scuba dive in the UK is amazing!
St Catherine’s Bay
UK Diving is not boring!
The pier at St.Catherine’s

Another beautiful place to dive. Easy shore access via the slipway ( you can park on the slipway!), not particularly deep depending on the tide and fairly sheltered depending on wind direction. There is a lot of life to see here. There is also a good cafe for bacon butties, or sausage, bacon and egg butties if you are so inclined. The breakwater, completed in 1855, is 700 metres long so you can have a decent dive without going beyond it’s shelter into strong currents.
Author: Susan Tait

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