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As PADI Divemasters & Instructors we all have the training and experience to be good at what we do, and to be frank we are excellent at it, and that is because we HAVE LOTS OF FUN doing it !!!

DiveStyle is always evolving and growing to meet the demands placed on us. The DiveStyle team may change from time to time, some old and seasoned faces moving on, and many new ones joining the team, but one constant remains : The passion that the DiveStyle team has for diving, and having fun when diving!!


John Campbell

I took over DiveStyle in 2008. Being next to water, or in the water, has always been part of my life. Born and bred in South Shields, where my childhood home was within spitting distance of the North Sea, I spent most of my time in the sea or around the coast. I found diving through military service and have been hooked on it ever since. So much so I bought a dive centre!

I love the diversity of marine life that all of our seas hold, but still have a big soft spot for the UK waters and the amazing marine life we have on our doorstep. To think that in UK waters alone you can swim with sharks, dive with seals, and explore some of the best wrecks in the world, still blows my mind.

Always looking to take scuba diving to the next level, always looking for that ultimate dive.

So if you have time why not come on the journey with me, it should be one hell of a ride!

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