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Are you ready to get in the water and learn to dive with the best in the business?

DiveStyle has just made it that bit easier!

Complete your full open water course with DiveStyle before the end of September 2015 and we ill give you a £50 voucher to spend in store on anything you fancy, when you qualify.


It is as simple as clicking on Learn To Dive so you can use our online shop to book your course, if you like the personal touch then why not pop along to the dive centre for a chat and a cup of tea or call us on 01189 761729.
Cannot be used with any other offer.
Offer ends 30th September 2015.

5 Diving Tips for Beginning Scuba Divers

Scuba diving? That sounds scary!

Scuba diving can feel intimidating to a new student or would-be diver, but with the right training, delivered by the right training organisation (such as DiveStyle) with a few  tips from one of our fantastically qualified instructors, all done on top grade scuba gear can banish that fear.

The following five tips are all real advice given to real students.

1 .) Spares, spares and even more spares!

Diving is no off-the-cuff expedition – not only are you often traveling outside of your town to go diving, it requires a great deal of gear and planning. Unfortunately, things go wrong, and the more complicated, the easier it is for one little mishap to ruin an entire trip. Fin straps break, mask straps break, and if you don’t have another on hand you’re stuck with a ruined trip that could’ve been solved by a £5 strip of plastic. Bring mask defog, because you can’t always count on someone else on the boat having a bottle.  Spare o-rings are also never a bad idea: tank valve o-rings are easy to forget about and blow out frequently.

2.) Surface With Care

It’s easy for a beginner to forget, but surfacing carefully is just as, if not more important, than diving. When coming back to the surface, you want to come up 30 feet per minute, minimum. Remember this pro tip when in doubt about your speed – never travel faster than the slowest bubbles that you’re exhaling. Also, make sure to do a safety stop at 15 feet, no exceptions.

3.) Never Hold Your Breath

Never hold your breath underwater. It’s worth repeating because it feels like it goes against your natural instincts. When you’re underwater, you’re first thought is to hold your breath. And until humans grow gills, that’s always going to be your first instinct. However, it’s vital to remember that as you rise, air expands in your lungs. What this means is that with sufficient speed, it’s possible to cause your lungs to burst. So, again: never hold your breath underwater.

4.) Stay Hydrated, Stay In Shape

Swimming and scuba diving are both incredible workouts, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Just because you’re surrounded by water, doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink any. Make sure to hydrate often, because you are exerting yourself more than you think. As far as staying in shape goes, that’s important for any sport. Don’t go beyond your limits, because that ways lies injury.

5.) No Man Is An Island

First off, always dive with a buddy. Always. Having someone nearby to pull your bacon out of the proverbial fire is just good common sense. Second, remember to let someone (besides your dive buddy) know where you’re diving, when you’re diving, and other details about the dive site. Safety first, always always always. Third, remember to look up the local contact information for all of the emergency services in the area.

The responsibility to stay safe is an important one, and should be taken seriously. However, it’s vital to remember that diving is an exciting adventure, one that should be enjoyed over and over again. With the right attitude and preparation, every dive can be a memorable exploration of another world.

Information provided courtesy of divewire (www.divewire.com)

Limited Offers – Hollis

OK, we some cracking deals from the Oceanic / Hollis Seminar

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The Easiest Dive Gifte Ever

Buying for a diver in the family is one of the most difficult things to do. It can leave you feeling really stressed!

Scuba Diving Gift Certificates

take all of the stress out of buying for the scuba diver in your family

We have a fully stocked shop and a great team, ready to give you all the advice you need. But sometimes even with superb advice you worry that you may be getting the wrong gift.

Well stress no more! Simply buy one of the DiveStyle gift vouchers and they can come along to the dive centre, browse and buy what they want. It is also a great opportunity for them to try on any equipment they need and get the right size first time.

So buy a gift certificate today and let your diver come to the store and enjoy great banter, great service and a lovely cup of tea!

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BLACK FRIDAY – Open Water Referral Offer


From 10:00 on Friday the 28th to 17:00 Saturday the 29th we will have 10 Open Water Referral courses available for £199.00!!!!

THERE WILL ONLY BE 10, no more.
Bookings can be made by calling the dive centre.
Bookings can be made through the online-shop (Open Water Referral 6 weeks Bronze, BFOWR as the date)
Course must be completed before June 2015.

Apart from that enjoy!

Amazing Kit Deals From DiveStyle

The DiveStyle boffins have put their heads together to try and come up with some tantalising deals that will get your juices flowing.


With the help of Oceanic Uk we have come up with what we think are three fantastic offers, just in time for Christmas.

We have two Mask, Snorkel and Fin packages, both offering a saving of 30%.

The Open Heel package 
Includes Viper fins, choice of Ion or Shadow Mask, Ultradry Snorkel and Mesh Drawstring Bag, all in the colour and size of your choice for just £88!

The Full Foot package 
Includes the Viper fins, choice of Ion or Shadow Mask, Arid Snorkel and Mesh Drawstring Bag, all in the colour and size of your choice for just £65!.


Save a packet and get a premium package!

Save a packet and get a premium package!

Get it while it is hot!
Get a free Alpha 9 Octopus with every Omega 3 FDXi or ZEO FDXi purchased.
Just pop in store or buy online!


Omega Free Octo

There is nothing better than getting something for free.

There is nothing better than getting something for free.

Looking to upgrade your existing regulators? 

DiveStyle is running a trade-in programme to receive £100 off SRP for the Omega 3 FDXi or ZEO FDXi.

It could not be anymore simple. Trade-in a 1st stage, hose and 2nd stage at time of purchase.

But hurry! The offer will end on the 31st of December 2014.

This is an in store offer only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Trade in your old regulator set and get £100 off.

Trade in your old regulator set and get £100 off.


New DiveStyle Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

Here at DiveStyle we are always looking how to give something back to all or our customers or potential customers. After all without you we would not exist!

To this end we are proud to present the DiveStyle Loyalty Program!

What is it? How do I join?

Joining could not be easier.

Option 1. Come to our store, make a purchase (no matter how small) and you will be offerd the oppertunity to join the DiveStyle loyalty program for £10.

Simply pay your £10 and receive the 10% discount ley fob.

Option 2. Spend over £500 in a single purchase and the 10% discount key fob is absolutely free!

That’s it! It is that simple. 

I Get 10% Of What?

Once you are part of the program just show us your 10% key fob the get the discount.

You will be elegibale for discount on the following:

  • All Hollis dive equipment
  • All Oceanic dive equipment
  • All Lavacore cloathing
  • All Oceanpro dive equipment
  • All PADI recreational courses
  • All Equipment rentals
  • Service parts (service labour is not discounted)





The DiveStyle loyalty program and its benefits are offered at the discretion of DiveStyle. Participation in the DiveStyle loyalty program is subject to the terms and conditions and regulations implemented by DiveStyle. It is the Member’s responsibility to read and understand them.

The programs structure is subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at DiveStyle’s discretion, with or without notice. Any reward may be withdrawn or added, and restrictions on any reward or its redemption may be imposed at any time.


The DiveStyle Loyalty program is offered only to DiveStyle customers who have purchased the DiveStyle loyalty key fob.

The loyalty key fob can only be used for in store purchases (excludes online).

You MUST show the key fob to receive the discount at the time of purchase.

Any customer can apply to be part of the DiveStyle loyalty program.

Each DiveStyle customer may have only one DiveStyle loyalty key fob.

The DiveStyle Loyalty key fob is not transferable or redeemable for a cash value.

Loss of the loyalty key fob will require the customer to purchase another at the same joining fee.

Variation & Termination

Membership is at the sole discretion of DiveStyle and may be suspended or cancelled at any time.

Abuse of the loyalty program will result in removal from the loyalty program with immediate effect.

DiveStyle may amend the Program Rules at any time without notice and has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules.

DiveStyle reserves the right to terminate the program at any time without prior written notice.

PLEASE NOTE: The DiveStyle Loyalty program applies only to all regularly priced products and does not apply to clearance items. Loyalty discount might be eligible to be combined with some other promotional offers, to learn more carefully review the details of the specific offer.