Complete Deluxe Snorkel Package £69.99

Get your complete deluxe snorkel package at DiveStyle for £69.99 – Offer ends 31st October 2012

Being comfortable when snorkelling or even when warm water diving is essential. A good fitting wetsuit, maks and fins can make all of the difference but often comes at a cost.

That is why we have put together the complete deluxe snorkel package at an amazing price!

The deluxe package contains:

  • Ocean Pro 3mm Wetsuit (SRP £28.75)
  • Full foot Viper fins (SRP £28.99)
  • Body Glove Mask & Snorkel (SRP £26.99)

4 amazing products for the amazing price of £69.99! (SRP £84.73)

Want to include this as part of your open water course? You can for an even more amazing price of £59.99!

This offer is only available in store. Come along to the dive centre so that we can make sure you get the best fit for mask, fins and wetsuit, we also do a cracking cup of tea or coffee!

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

4th Element Arctic 2 Undersuit Piece For £99

Purchase a drysuit from DiveStyle and get a 4th Element 2 piece Arctic undersuit for £99.00 – Offer ends 31st October 2012.

Buying a drysuit can be a big step and quite a finacial investment.

Here at DiveStyle we want to make it as cost effective as posible when you come to buy your first or even a replacement drysuit.

That is why we are offering a 4th Element 2 piece Arctic undersuit for £99.00 with any drysuit purchase in October.

This offer is only available in store some come along and let us get YOU the drysuit and undersuit that YOU deserve.

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Free PADI Dry-Suit Specility Course

Get a free PADI dry-suit speciality course when you purchase any dry-suit at SRP – Offer ends 31st October 2012

Time to swap from a wetsuit to a drysuit so that your diving season is extended?

When you buy a drysuit it is important that you are able to use the drysuit effectively and more importantly safely!

DiveStyle will provide, for free, a PADI drysuit speciality course with any drysuit purchase at SRP in October.

Offer is only available in store, so drop into the store, have a cup of tea and lets us make sure the drysuit YOU want is the drysuit YOU get.

Cannot be combined with any other offer.


Hollis DX300 Drysuit With Free Rock Boots!

Purchase a Hollis DX300 drysuit (£956.00) and get free rock boots (worth £55.0). Offer ends October 31st 2012.

The Hollis DX-300 was designed by technical divers for technical divers. It has been three years in development and is the result of a combination of all the innovative
ideas available from consumers, store owners, manufacturers and technicians. Technical dry suits need absolute seam integrity, absolute maneuverability and absolute
purpose. The Hollis DX-300 is the ABSOLUTE technical dry suit.


Fitted with the “ Quick Change Solutions” from
SI TECH. A torn seal can cost you the best dive of your life.
This innovative system installed in your suit turns the disaster of a torn seal into a mere inconvenience,saving you frustration, time, money and your dive.

Suit supplied with Silicon seals.

Wrist system allows the easy additional fitting of
dry gloves.

The DX-300 is fitted with a NEW flexible Zip system.
This zip allows for far greater ease of movement and aids donning and doffing.

  • The flexibility of the ‘Double Diamond’ weave trilaminate has a total mass of 500gm/sqm yet it feels so much lighter to wear.
  • Our patented BIAS cut combined with a telescopic torso increases freedom of movement, but allows or a closer fit reducing air migration.
  • The wide flat seam construction minimizes the chance of leaks in high wear areas
  • Fitted with the new innovative TZIP, low profile and far more flexible.
  • One large zipped pocket with ‘D’ ring inside and slate pocket behind. One large
  • Velcro pocket with internal ‘D’ ring.
  • Pockets are fitted to the sides but can be fitted to the front for side mount divers (as illustrated in the picture)
  • 3M reflective safety strips on the arms
  • Double thickness knee pads
  • Fitted with contoured 5mm neoprene socks
  • Fitted with internal braces

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Pay As You Go Scuba Diving!


Start Diving for £99!

The pay as you go option is a great way to spread the cost of learning to scuba dive. The pay as you go option can be used for both adult and children Open Water courses.

Whatever your diving needs from learning to dive through to becoming an dive instructor, from joining a dive club to diving holidays – it is all available in one place here at DiveStyle.

How does it work?
Thats the easy part!

The payments for the course are broken down into four (4).

Payment 1 = £99 – Open Water Crew Pack & Confined Water 1. This is a non refundable deposit.
Payment 2 = £100 – Confined Water 2 & 3
Payment 3 = £100 – Confined Water 4 & 5
Payment 4 = £100 – Open Water 1, 2 , 3 & 4
All equipment needed for the pool training and open water dives is included. We do however recommend that you seriously look at owning your own mask, fins, snorkel as a minimum.

You only need to make a payment when you are ready to complete the dives.

If you are unable to do the dives following one of our standard course schedules then no problems. Just come along to the next course and carry on from there.

Note: Once you have started the course you have to complete up to Confined Water 5 within 6 months.

For more information visit our website at Pay As You Go

Scuba Review / Tune Up For £29.99

PADI Scuba Review / Tune Up for £29.99? Are you mad?

We have 4 last minute cancellations for this coming Wednesday.

This has left us with 4 places on the scuba review course which we can no offer at the amazing price of £29.99 (RRP £45) including manual.

This offer is valid for the 19th September only and will require you to complete the Scuba Review booklet prior to attending the evening.

So, if you need a scuba review, can get to the dive centre to pick up the book and complete before the 19th then grab your self a bargain!

Discover Scuba Diving £9.99!

Want to try scuba for less that £10?

We have a great promotion for Wednesday the 26th of September.

For this evening only we will be running Discover Scuba Sessions for the amazing price of £9.99 (RRP £25).

We have 10 places on offer so first come, first served.

Call the dive centre on 01189761729 or email us at to book a place.

Rubber! Rubber! Rubber!

OK, it’s not rubber but just as sexy! 

We have the following great deals on neoprene. Offer ends September 30th 2012

  • Oceanic Pioneer Semi Dry 15% Discount
  • O’Neill 5mm full length 15% Discount
  • Hollis 7mm Semi Dry 15% Discount
  • Typhoon Titanium Shorty 15% Discount
  • 4th Element Hoods & Gloves 10% Discount

Making Scuba Diving More Affordable.

We have combined some great offers with the open water referral and full open water course options.

Include a dive computer as part of your open water referral or open water course for as little as £159.00.

Take advantage of a 50% discount on your drysuit course when booking your Open Water Course.

Save 15% off the advanced open water course if book as a bundle with your open water course.

Get a 55% discount on a 12 month subscription to Sport Diver if bundled with your open water course.