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We have been working hard to make diving and diving equipment that bit easier to afford.

We are very pleased to announce that we can now offer 0% Interest FREE finance on all courses and retail (Minimum spend £400).

Our 0% Interest FREE can be run over 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and is incredibly simple to use!


Always fancied an Otter Drysuit? No problem!

otter-bannerThis and many more products are now available through our online store or in store.

David’s Story – The M2 Attraction

When the sea claims you with her charms there is no escape!


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
Jacques Yves Cousteau

In 2008, I was given a “Discover Scuba Diving” experience voucher, which I redeemed with DiveStyle. Nervous, I turned up on the agreed date, along with a group of similarly wary individuals, all clutching towels and swim wear, wondering what was going to happen. We were greeted by a very relaxed and professional team of guys who offered up cups of tea and biscuits and soon had us talking to each other and generally relaxing into the event.

One of the instructors had a T-Shirt, which caught my attention immediately. Printed onto the black, was a white architects drawing of a submarine and the words “I’ve dived the M2”. Sipping on my tea, I asked the question – “So what’s the M2?”. To my utter amazement, I found out that this experimental submarine was the world’s first and last aircraft carrying submarine, which sank with the loss of all hands in 1932 as a result of a training accident. I was genuinely mesmerised. With a secret interest in submarine warfare and some basic flying experience, I had no idea that the two had ever come together. It had my name on it!

Even before I hit the water that day, the wheels were turning. Needless to say, I loved the try dive experience, and once changed and out of the water, I wanted to know more about the M2. Again, over another fresh cup of tea, I was told that it lay on the sea bed off the South Coast, near Portland, in reasonably deep water (32m). Whilst not a difficult dive, you needed to get there by boat and have your wits about you. To get the most out of the dive, I needed to learn the basics, then progress to deep water skills. I’d need to learn to dive in a dry suit and learn about special mixes in my cylinder which would enable me to spend a sensible amount of time on the wreck. It wasn’t going to be a quick to learn, but it was definitely going to be a journey.

I rang and booked my first course with DiveStyle and then the fun really began; as I need to learn to swim – properly. Not the summer holidays, messing about in the water, kind of swimming, but real water skills that would keep me, and others, safe in the water.

Each course with DiveStyle, I added a new set of skills; navigation, deep, wreck, dry suit, enriched air, boat diving. And each year, I travelled to new places and tried out my skills; dive sites in the UK, dive sights abroad.

And then the bug really hit. The more I did, the more I learned. The more I learned, the more I loved what I knew. I became a rescue diver and learned first aid skills. I learned about optimising my buoyancy and how to help with search & recovery projects. By now, I’d become a long distance swimmer and swam weekly!

Did I dive the M2? Of course, but it took two attempts before we found it. Was it everything I wanted it to be? Sort of. By then, I had dived with turtles, all manner of tropical fish, discovering underwater reefs and diving at night. I’d been diving in Europe, the Caribbean and the India Ocean and seen sharks, dolphins and whales. I’d seen natural and artificial wrecks and met the most amazing array of individuals.

And now I’m a Dive Master at DiveStyle and have the privilege and honour to take people on their first diving experience or help them achieve their own diving goals as well as wok with some of what I consider to be the best instructional team in the industry. I do, however, have a huge soft spot for the M2; since without it, I wouldn’t have the friends, the experiences and the memories that come from this amazing unique sport.

If you are ready to start your journey then get in contact, we would love to add you to our aquanauts!


OCR Level 3 Diploma in Management & PADI IDC Programme – There has never been a better time to live the dream!


Divestyle UK are pleased to announce that we are one of only a handful of dive centres to have been involved in the launch of this new linked program. We are now able to offer an OCR Level 3 Diploma in Management alongside the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)!

The OCR Level 3 Diploma is eligible for a learner loan (like a student loan) from the government which makes the course incredibly accessible. So what’s involved and can I sign up?


THE COURSE: The course is called an OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations) Level 3 Diploma in Management. OCR is an examination board that sets examinations and awards qualifications (including GCSEs, A-levels, NVQ’s etc). The course is aimed at those who will or would like to take a management role in the workplace and deals with all aspects of management from coaching and mentoring to training and development and conflict management. The course results in a recognised, useful qualification which maybe in itself a proof of competence for a job role or can add value to an existing set of qualifications.

HOW THE OCR LEVEL 3 & PADI IDC ARE LINKED: PADI Instructor Development Course includes a number of learning requirements that are needed to show proof of competency for the Level 3 Diploma.

The PADI IDC teaches to develop a teaching presentation, whether this be for use during knowledge development in a classroom situation or as a briefing or training session in the water. During these teaching presentations candidates show their ability to effectively use their certified assistants (Divemasters or Assistant Instructors) as well as showing an ability to evaluate and feedback performance to students. This is just one of the areas where the OCR Level 3 Diploma and the PADI IDC overlap.PADI-5-star-instructor-development-center-wide

Divestyle UK run the PADI IDC in the same way it would for most other IDC Candidates. There are a two additional requirements that OCR Level 3

Candidates must complete, these include:

  • One online e-learning portfolio
  • The Diving Business Management course.

Candidates completing the Level 3 Diploma are required to complete an online e- learning portfolio before, during and after the IDC. Candidates will show how what they have learnt during the IDC can be translated into more general business management practices. This is the bulk of the OCR course which is independently assessed.

There is also an extra module that needs to be completed for the IDC, the ‘Diving Business Management Course’. This is a diving specific module which goes into far more detail of the business side of the dive industry. For example you’ll learn more about gross and net profit, margins and how to price products and courses.

Learn_More_ButtonWHO SHOULD SIGN UP TO THE COURSE: This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get into the diving industry as well as earn a useful business qualification which will assist them in applying for other non-industry specific jobs. Given the eligibility of the course for government learner loans, it’s a great opportunity for people who are put off by the initial up front cost of becoming an instructor. It’s also excellent for someone looking to change their career or anyone wanting to do a more in depth, business orientated instructor course.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: As an OCR Level 3 Diploma the course is eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan from the government. These loans are potentially open to anyone resident in the UK over the age of 19. The loan currently stands at £2500, over the OCR Leve 3 Course. They are relatively simple to apply for and work in a very similar way to student loans in that you won’t need to start re-payments until you are earning over 21k and the payments then start very small, coming out of your PAYE, and tracking up with your income. The interest paid on the loan is at inflation plus a maximum of 3% dependent on your income.

£999 PADI Instructor Development Course

Includes 2 extra days of the Diving Business Management Course

INCLUDED PADI IDC Crewpack & Course Materials

INCLUDED PADI Instructor Examination Fee

INCLUDED PADI Instructor Application Fee

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Contact Divestyle UK on or call 01189761729 and ask for details about the PADI IDC/OCR Level 3 program.

We are currently speaking to a number of people who this may be of interest to and the first wave of applicants need to have signed up by the start of September with the course orientation due in September. Time and spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

The IDC will then take place in October and the Business Management Course in

November. PADI will be conducting a special IE on the 3/4 December 2016



  • Over 19 – no maximum limit
  • UK citizen or Resident for last 3 years
  • Need: Full Name
  • Date of Birth 
  • Address with Post Code
  • NI Number
  • Copy of Passport/ID
  • Preferably Divemaster or Equivalent (or will be before end of August 2016)



1st September – must register their details with PADI

Before end of Sept – Orientation to OCR system and PADI Process

You can then decide if to take up the option for OCR Diploma


During October – Using e-portal for online study

Online Study with include IDC Online and Dive theory from PADI

IDC to start – this could 3 days for an AI course, followed by OWSI section.

Payment for IDC portion is NOT part of the scheme and still needs to be paid


Diploma in Business Management sessions

Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation course


On 3/4 December PADI have arranged a special IE at their office in Bristol


1. If candidates put name forward before 1st Sept and are accepted for OCR Business Management funding you do NOT have to accept it and are not obliged to carry on.

2. Additionally they will receive accreditation for Business Management

(Level 3)

3. If you never earn over 21k of taxable income (in the UK) you will not be eligible – so an instructor working outside UK or travelling is ideal – they will NOT need to repay anything until you are back in the UK earning over 21K.


Dive Computer Offer With Half Price Nitrox Course

Dive Computer Offer With Half Price Nitrox Course

Buy a new dive computer from DiveStyle during July, August and September and you can claim a 50% discount on a Nitrox course!

50% Nitrox course with any dive computer

Claim your 50% nitrox course with any dive computer purchase

This course can be claimed for you, friend or family.

To book your place please contact the dive centre on t: 01189 761729 or drop us a line at

PADI Rescue Diver Offer

The Perfect Summer Course!

Complete your PADI Rescue Diver with DiveStyle anytime in 2016 and receive 50% discount on your EFR.

Complete your PADI Rescue Diver and receive 50% of your EFR

PADI Rescue Diver, one of the best courses in the PADI training system!

To book your place please contact the dive centre on t: 01189 761729 or drop us a line at

Summer Sizzler 2-4-1 Discover Scuba

2-4-1 PADI Discover Scuba

This summer we are running our 2-4-1 discover scuba promotion.

The perfect thing to tire out your little and not so little children or better half’s 🙂

buy 1 get 2 discover scuba sessions

2-4-1 Summer Sizzler on discover scuba

To book your PADI discover scuba sessions call the dive centre on t: 01189 761729 or drop us a line at

PADI Women’s Dive Day

16 JULY 16

Join PADI for PADI Womens day

Join divers around the globe for the second annual PADI Women’s Dive Day

The inaugural 2015 PADI Women’s Dive Day event was a historic day for diving. In just its first year, PADI Women’s Dive Day featured events across 65 countries and all seven continents. Men and women from Alaska to Argentina, France to the Philippines enjoyed a day of diving together to celebrate the contributions of women to the sport. Check out last years events in the PADI photo album on Facebook for event photos from around the world.


As PADI Women’s Dive Day illustrates, scuba diving is about community. Diving is a great way to meet new people and share experiences with friends or family. If you’re not yet certified or want to continue your dive training, contact your DiveStyle to get started or explore options in the PADI course catalog.

Certified but haven’t been diving lately? Then, visit a DiveStyle to learn how to brush up on your scuba skills with the ReActivate® program.

Ten Crazy Fish – How many have you see?

Think the fantastic fish of Finding Nemo were just fiction? The oceans are filled with creatures that defy imagination.

As a scuba diver, how many can you tick of the list?


Native to the tropical Western Pacific, mandarinfish are some of the flashiest fish species around. Their bright stripes and spots serve as a warning for bigger fish to keep away, as these fish secrete a toxic mucus.


Scorpionfish, besides being some of the most venomous fish species on earth, are also masters of camouflage. They may be pretty to look at, but don’t touch them — their spines secrete a venomous mucus that causes a stinging sensation.

Leafy Seadragon

Seadragons are one of the most bizarre types of fish, and in this already strange group, the leafy seadragon stands out as one of the strangest. Leaf-shaped appendages covering their bodies help these fish blend in with the surrounding seaweed. Naturally found along the southern coast of Australia.

Longhorn Cowfish

The longhorn cowfish gets its name from the horn-like appendages protruding from its head. When they get hungry, they blow into the sand on the bottom of the ocean to uncover small prey.


Pipefish, related to seahorses and just as weird, have long tube-like snouts with a tiny mouth on the end. You’ll find more than 200 species in tropical coastal waters around the world.


The cube-shaped boxfish is just as cute as it is strange. Most species of these small saltwater fish rarely grow larger than a few inches, making them favorites for private aquarium collections.


Stonefish, a type of scorpionfish and the most venomous fish known, hides on the bottom of the ocean, waiting to ambush its prey. If you want to see one without the risk of stepping on it (ouch!).


Frogfish, another diver favorite, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors — 45 species in total. They all have some weird attributes in common, including their ability to blend in with the surrounding environment, change their shape and hunt prey using a worm-like wriggling lure attached to their heads.

Wolf Eel

The wolf eel isn’t really an eel at all; it’s a species of wolffish. These typically docile fish have a nasty bite when provoked, and they can grow up to 8 feet long. This shy species prefers to hang out in caves and crevices.

Ocean Sunfish

Sunfish, or Mola Mola, are the world’s heaviest bony fish — and one of the strangest looking. These odd tail-less fish are often the highlight of scuba diving trips in the world’s tropical temperate waters.


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Advanced Open Water Offer

August PADI Advanced Open Water Special Offer

A fabulous PADI drysuit offer from DiveStyle

A fabulous PADI drysuit offer from DiveStyle

Sign up for this months Advanced Open Water on the 20th & 21st August 2016 and choose either a Nitrox speciality OR Drysuit Speciality with a 75% discount!

Only £299 limited spaces!

Call the dive centre on 01189761729 or drop us a line on to book your space.


There has never been a better opportunity to upgrade your Suunto dive computer

There has never been a better opportunity to upgrade your Suunto dive computer


Suunto, the leading manufacturer in dive computers has done it again and come up with another amazing deal!

Is it time to think about updating your old computer? Have you simply outgrown the features and need something more advanced? Or maybe you just feel like treating yourself to the latest dive computer?

Welcome to the ‘Upgrade your Suunto’ Campaign
As a loyal Suunto customer we would like to offer you the chance to upgrade your current Suunto computer to one of the latest models.

Take a working Suunto computer to any participating dealer and receive the following great offer:

Vyper Novo       £50 off
D4i Novo           £75 off
D6i Novo           £100 off
Eon Steel          £150 off
DX                     £200 off

The offer will run until 30th June 2016. Full terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of ‘Upgrade your Suunto’ campaign

1.  Offer is subject to stock
2.  Returned unit must be a Suunto computer
3.  Returned unit must be in working order
5.  Suunto’s decision on unit suitability is final
6. Offer closes 30th June