Want To Be A World Record Holder?

Are you ready to be a world record holder?

Scuba Santas – 16th December 2012 – NDAC, Chepstow

Santa(s) waving hello!

Then come along and join the SCUBA Santa’s!

Scuba Santas 2012 – Registration now open…

Registration for Scuba Santas 2012 has just been opened up so please head over to the registration page and get signed up!

If you want to join the Scuba Santas please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Registration will ensure that you’ll receive our newsletter and be kept up to date with any important news about the event. Registration for Scuba Santas is not required but helps us out in planning the event.

Register for Scuba Santas 2012

World Record Holders

In 2009, Scuba Santas once again beat their own world record with 158 divers. This was not beaten in 2010 due to several reasons (remember all that snow?), with our move to the NDAC numbers were also smaller in 2011 but we’re hoping now that news has gotten around numbers will start climbing again for the 2012 event. We hope you can join us and be part of what many divers refer to as “the best dive of the year”.


Your Support is Helping Put an End to Shark Finning!



Your Support is Helping Put an End to Shark Finning!

Donate Today to Fuel the Next Critical Battle for Sharks at CITES 2013 

Dear DiveStyle Customer,

You did it! The European Parliament finally voted to close the loopholes in the European Union (EU) shark finning ban. This is the result of six years of diligent work with Shark Alliance partners, driven by your support.

What does it mean?
Members of the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal to impose the best practice for finning ban enforcement: a prohibition on removing shark fins at sea. From now on, sharks caught by EU vessels anywhere in the world must be landed with their fins naturally attached. The EU banned finning in 2003, but left in a loophole where “special fishing permits” allowing shark fins and bodies to be landed separately made a mockery of the ban. This vote means that from now on, it’s “FINS ON With NO Exceptions”!

Why does it matter?
The EU shark finning ban was one of the weakest in the world, yet the EU is one of the largest exporters of shark fins to Asia. With a “fins naturally attached policy” in place, the EU, given the global scale of its fisheries and the international influence of its shark management policies, is in a better position to push for game changing shark conservation measures. It can push policies at an international level for fins on with no exceptions.

What’s next?
We must ensure the complete ban on shark finning is implemented while focusing on securing International trade safeguards for vulnerable shark and ray species under CITES. At the next meeting of countries who are members to CITES in March 2013, we will again be the voice and conscience of divers to demand that sharks and rays receive trade protections they desperately need. This is a key victory in an ongoing battle. We continue to fight to save sharks from extinction and need your support more than ever!

Stay tuned for upcoming calls to action and thank you for your help to protect vulnerable and endangered species.

For the Ocean,

Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation

MASSIVE! End of Season Sale – 24th November until 8th December


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GoPro Hero2 Complete Dive Package – £350!!

The GoPro complete dive package is here and the results can be fantastic!

If you have not seen what the GoPro Hero 2 HD camera can deliver then you are truly missing out.

Used by Top Gear, Deadly 60 and many more top grade TV programme.

Now you too can produce fantastic images with easy. If you have any doubt then just look at what we achieved in the Red Sea –Click Here For Oceanic Whitetips–

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Take The Stress Out Of The NEC Dive Show

The dive show is here again but is it really how you want to spend your weekend?

Why use DiveStyle? Well here some good reasons why!

  1. We are local, we are on your doorstep!
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  3. If you do have a problem we are here to see it through to the end.
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Still not convinced?
OK, how about a 10% discount on all courses booked (including payment) until the 30th October? That is Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, you can’t get that sort of deal at the dive show!

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If you can’t or still want to go to the dive show then please give us a call and let us see if we can price match, we won’t mess you around we will let you know there and then if we can or we cannot

You never know we might be pleasantly surprised!

Terms & Conditions
10% Course discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
Dive show discount ends on the 30th October 18:00

Paul Rose – Defined By Diving

Paul Rose presents defined by diving at DiveStyle, October 8th 2012.

The beginning of autumn is not usually a thing to look forward to. The nights get longer, the days shorter and the weather starts to turn into that drizzly rain, the kind of rain that my mother use to say ‘soaks you to the skin’, to this day I am still not sure what that actually meant but then parents are great at giving those kind of statements.

Now, this autumn day was not going to be the same any any other autumn day, this autumn day was different because we had Paul Rose coming to give one of his superb presentations!

It had taken months of hard work and pestering (some may say the pestering was starting to board on stalking) but the hard work and constant calls had paid off. I had managed to get a slot in Paul’s extremely busy diary and secured him for that evening.

We also had Richard Cullen from Deptherapy come along as he would be giving an overview of the work that Deptherapy is doing, Paul is a great fan of Deptherapy so we charged a small entrance fee for the evening with all monies going to Deptherapy. This was further boosted by Richard Howes from Oceanic as he provided a Oceanic GEO 2.0 dive computer as a prize that we held a secret auction for.

A quick trip to Reading station to pick up Paul and then back to the Wokingham Waterside  Centre so Paul could do the meet and great before launching into his presentation.

Well to say the room filled with energy would be an understatement, he was like a whirlwind!

The presentation was fast paced, full of great stories, passion and superb pictures from some of the amazing places that he has visited during his diving and expedition carear.

Imagine taking a handful of popping candy (you may remember it as space dust), putting the whole lot in your mouth and taking a good drink of water. The inevitable explosion was the same as the energy that Paul put into his presentation.

To say he has had a colourful diving carear would be an understatement.

From the frozen poles as base commander in charge of all of the science support logistics, diving under icebergs, diving all over the world while filming the Oceans series to amazing diving in the UK with Britain’s Secret seas.

It was amazing to listen to what in any other environment would be a simple task can become a real concern, such as anchoring your vessel.

The images that Paul presented were extremely interesting, we saw a 2000 year old mummified seal , the bottom of lake Geneva and a black hole (not the one is space) so called because of the colour of the water.

We were given a great insight on how just un-glamorous the world of journalism and TV can actually be. Behind the scenes it is not all glitz and glamour and some of the working conditions can be challenging to say the least.

What really did come through during the presentation is that after all these years the passion for diving is still as strong. The long days, repetitive takes on set, the harsh weather, long journeys and time away for home has done nothing to dampen his inner diving spirit.

By the end of the presentation the room was aglow with both admiration of Paul and what he has achieved, curiosity on the topic of science support and regenerated enthusiasm for diving. I have a feeling there may be a few more science support applications happening in the near future.

I would love to put on another presentation by Paul but this tiem see if we could raise enough money to send at least 2 injured soldiers onto the Deptherapy program.

This time round me managed to raise £365, which is not bad for an attendance of 25 people.

Paul has many interesting projects coming in the near future so keep your eyes peeled as if they are as half as good as his past projects they will be well worth watching.

John Campbell
Owner – DiveStyle

Advanced Open Water For Free

Ready to take the next step? Fancy getting you advanced open water for free?

Complete the 5 PADI Speacialities with DiveStyle and get your AOW and MSD for FREE!

Sign up in advance to complete the following 5 specialities with DiveStyle and once you have completed all 5 then you will automatically receive your AOW. Then Once you have completed your Rescue Diver with DiveStyle we will then complete your MSD application for free.

All you have to do is to call the dive centre, ask to book on the PADI UK Speciality Bundle. All of you course materials will be sent to your address (P&P applies) or you can come and pick them up from the store (it’s free and you get a cup of tea!).

For more information visit our website

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Spend £80 or more and get £10 off your next purchase at DiveStyle – Offer ends 30th October 2012.

Another fantastic offer from DiveStyle. As the Christmas season gets into full swing any savings that you can make are welcome ones.

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Terms & Conditions
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Vouchers are only valid for 2 months from the date of issue.
Offer ends 301st November 2012.

Drysuit Clearance Sale

Time to grab yourself a cracking bargain on a drysuit while stocks last Once they are gone they are gone!

We have quite a few drysuits on offer in store. We are changing our range and that has left a number of fantastic quality drysuits at fantastic prices.

The offer can only be taken advantage of in store, is only applicable to the suits listed below.

NOTE: To avoid disappointment please contact the dive centre prior to coming along to reserve the suit your interested in.

If you want to make changes to the suits, then no problem. We can provide a full adjustment service at additional cost. So if  you want neoprene socks to boots no problem!

Drysuits with neoprene socks require rock boots, these can be supplied at additional cost.

The drysuits we have on offer are:

Oceanic    Ladies      

Model        Colour      Size            Boot Size         Sock Size         RRP          Sale
HD400         Pink          Medium       N/A                    Medium              £550.00     £425.00
HD400         Pink          M Large       N/A                    Medium              £550.00     £425.00
Flexdura      Blue          Medium       N/A                    XS                       £710.00     £550.00
Flexdura      Blue          M Large       N/A                    XS                       £710.00     £550.00

Oceanic    Mens

Model        Colour      Size            Boot Size         Sock Size         RRP          Sale
HD400        Black         Medium       N/A                   Large                 £550.00     £425.00
HD400        Black         Large           N/A                   Large                 £550.00     £425.00
HD400        Black         XL (Short)    N/A                   X Large              £550.00     £425.00
Flexdura     Blue           Medium       N/A                   Large                 £710.00      £550.00
Flexdura     Blue           Large           N/A                   Large                 £710.00      £550.00
Flexdura     Blue           M Large       N/A                   Large                 £710.00      £550.00

Typhoon Mens

Model       Colour        Size            Boot Size        Sock Size         RRP           Sale
Prosport     Blue            Small           Medium             N/A                    £549.00      £400.00

Scubapro Mens

Model       Colour        Size             Boot Size        Sock Size         RRP          Sale
Fjord HD    Black           XL                XL                     N/A                     £999.00     £550.00

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.