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Dry Suits

Dry suits can provide you with much needed thermal protection whilst in the water, ensuring that water doesn’t enter and make contact with the body, this is achieved by trapping a layer of air around the diver and the use of a suitable under suit. A dry suit will cover you from neck downwards and is a vital piece of diving equipment, especially when participating in dives in cold temperature waters. Dry suits will stop wind chill and help to retain warm while you travel to and from your dive site. All dry suits are made from a compressed neoprene or tri-lamanate material with wrist and neck seals made from neoprene, latex or silicone. This ensures that water doesn’t enter and make contact with the body. The inflation and dump valve on all our drysuits allows you to let air in or out. This can either be a cuff dump or an auto dump, often referred to as a shoulder dump. The dry suit is an essential piece of equipment for any diver ensuring their safety whilst in the water. If you need any help choosing a dry suit please contact us or come to store so our expert fitting staff can make sure you get the right drysuit first time.

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