We try to make everything as safe as possible for you when diving with the dive club. To this end we have a couple of forms that we ask you to fill out for each dive.

By completing these forms you are declaring that you understand the risks and liabilities that come with scuba diving.

Booking A Dive

Ready to book a dive with DiveStyle Pirate Dive Club? 

  1. Register your interest by adding yourself to the event on Facebook, click here
  2. Once you are sure you can attend the dive, email the dive officer to confirm you space, click here
  3. To secure your space on the dive you will need to pay a deposit, the deposit is 50% of the total trip cost
  4. Now, download the risk and liability form, complete and bring with you on the trip!

It’s as simple as that!

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

Divestyle_Deposits__Cancellation_Policy please read before booking on any trip.

Divestyle_trip_risk__liability_releaseyou will need to complete if you want to dive

Pirate levels (UK diving) description of dive levels applied to each dive. 


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