Clearing A Mask | Step By Step Guide

Clearing a mask

The step by step guide on how to achieve success!

Clearing a mask, how hard can it be?

Introducing the PADI ‘How To’ series featuring helpful tips as you discover the underwater world. If you’ve just started the PADI Open Water Diver course, or simply haven’t been in the water for some time, we’ve got you covered with a full visual breakdown on how to perfect these skills so you feel the most comfortable in the water.

Step by Step | How to Mask Clear:

  • Step 1: Fill mask slowly (close eyes if wearing contacts).
  • Step 2: Create seal on top of mask (with index fingers).
  • Step 3: Exhale from nose while looking up.
  • Step 4: If water remains, exhale again (check seal for trapped hair).
  • Step 5: You did it!

The mask clearing skill is always a challenge, but it is one of those scuba skills that is extremely important to master.

Why! I hear you shout 🙂

Well, as divers we smile so much due to the fantastic things we see, we often end up with a little bit of a leaky mask.

As divers, we also, sometimes knock our masks for one reason or another, and that again, can cause our masks to leak a little.

Just because we have a little water in our masks, is no reason to worry or stop a dive, we simply clear the mask using the skill we have been taught when we learnt to dive.

And because maybe one day you may realise underwater that your mask doesn’t fit and you need to fix it, or maybe someone knocked it.

So mastering that mask clearing skill helps you become more confident underwater, more relaxed, and helps you save your dive and save air.

How Do I Get Certified?

Looking for how to get PADI Open Water Diver certified?

Here’s how to get started: PADI Open Water Referral Course OR PADI Open Water Course

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