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10 Cool PADI Scuba Diving Specialties

PADI Scuba Diving Specialties

10 cool PADI scuba diving specialities for qualified divers. For aspiring divers looking to get started, an open-water certification can seem like the end goal (visit our Scuba Diving Intro site for more info), but as anyone with his or her C-card can attest, it’s really only the beginning. An open-water certification indicates mastery of the basic […]

Choosing The Right Scuba Diving Mask

FOUR TIPS FOR SELECTING THE RIGHT DIVE MASK Finding the right dive mask is essential to your comfort and enjoyment under water. Doing so involves four things: Make sure your mask incorporates all of the most essential features. Don’t sweat “features” that are of little consequence. Remember that comfort and fit are, by far, the most important features. Get […]