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What You Should Consider When Buying a Dive Computer?

Choosing a dive computer

Rather like their desktop equivalents, dive computers have evolved from the expensive preserve of the minority to affordable, almost essential items within the budget of most regular recreational divers. They range in price according to their design and application, from high-end devices priced upwards of £1,500 to entry-level computers available for as little as £125. […]

Defence Discount Service & Blue Light Card

Defence Discount Card

Here at DiveStyle we have a long history of supporting our armed services. Many of our instructional staff are ex-armed forces or involved with our fantastic emergency services. DiveStyle’s owner is ex-forces and is often involved in fund raising efforts for the likes of SSAFA and Deptherapy. Your defence discount or blue light card provides […]

The Divine Secrets of the She-P

introduction to using the she p valve

The Divine Secrets of the She-P, answering the call of nature. With their solution in hand – well, not so much 🙂 Word is now spreading and the sisterhood, to no one’s surprise, is greatly relieved. So you have done your Drysuit certification. You are now wondering, what happens if I have to go for […]