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6 Common Scuba Diving Myths Busted

Scuba diving myths

Scuba Diving Myths – These Six Misconceptions Shouldn’t Keep You Out of the Water Scuba Diving is expensive or what if I see a shark? We’re busting the most common scuba diving myths. Tobias Friedrich Myth 1: There’s nothing to see in the cold waters where I live. Some of North America’s best diving is […]

Why Diving is the Perfect Hobby for those who Love Studying

Why scuba diving is fantastic

Is Scuba Diving such a great hobby for people who love to study? YES!!! We think it is, and here is why. Through primary school, high school, and university, I’ve always been a good student. I truly enjoyed having to prepare for lectures, write essays, and even study for exams. The revision period was nerve-wrecking, […]

Questions about the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course?

PADI Advanced Open Water, your next adventure

If you have questions before taking your diving to the next level – don’t worry! Chances are there are a whole bunch of others who have the same questions! How is it different from the PADI Open Water Diver Course? During the PADI Open Water Diver Course you learn the critical skills needed for scuba […]

My 5 Top Tips for Wreck Diving

PADI Wreck Diving Speciality

PADI Wreck Diving Speciality Wreck diving is exhilarating. Wreck diving is special. Wreck diving may be more extreme than regular diving, and it demands a greater respect, but it’s easy to get the most out of wrecks while keeping yourself out if the danger zone. Perhaps wreck is so exhilarating because it demands respect. Perhaps it is […]