Plastic is in everything now

Plastic is in everything

Plastic is in everything now. Here are seven places it’s turned up lately From seawater to salt, here are seven places where plastic pollution doesn’t belong. Photo Credit: Credit: DutchScenery/ Shutterstock Plastic pollution is a lot like your curious cat. She’ll find the tiniest nook, where nothing should fit, and she’ll sneak in. Your cat and […]

My 5 Top Tips for Wreck Diving

PADI Wreck Diving Speciality

PADI Wreck Diving Speciality Wreck diving is exhilarating. Wreck diving is special. Wreck diving may be more extreme than regular diving, and it demands a greater respect, but it’s easy to get the most out of wrecks while keeping yourself out if the danger zone. Perhaps wreck is so exhilarating because it demands respect. Perhaps it is […]

DiveStyle Goes Ghost Fishing UK

What is Ghost Fishing? ‘Ghost Fishing’ is what fishing gear does when it has been lost, dumped or abandoned. Nets, long lines, fish traps or any man made contraptions designed to catch fish or marine organisms are considered capable of ghost fishing when unattended, and without anyone profiting from the catches, they are affecting already depleted […]