Wow! This is amazing Extraordinary drone footage has emerged of the moment a Coromandel swimmer found herself encircled by a pod of orca whales. Judie Johnson, in her 60s, was swimming alone at Hahei Beach last week when three orca sidled up to her in the water. The orca are seen playfully swimming around her, […]

Scuba Diving Hand Signals

scuba diving hand signals

Scuba Diving Hand Signals Are you able to communicate underwater? Do you have a scuba diving hand signal vocabulary that will help you and your buddy affectively communicate? Why not watch the video and see how many of the scuba hand signals you recognise. Be honest and test yourself! Communication underwater is a very important […]

Choosing The Right Scuba Diving Mask

FOUR TIPS FOR SELECTING THE RIGHT DIVE MASK Finding the right dive mask is essential to your comfort and enjoyment under water. Doing so involves four things: Make sure your mask incorporates all of the most essential features. Don’t sweat “features” that are of little consequence. Remember that comfort and fit are, by far, the most important features. Get […]