Oceanic Computers – Bank Holiday Madness!

Bank Holiday Madness!!!!!!

The brand new Veo 1.0 is a low cost, entry level, dive computer which can be used with air or single gas nitrox mixes of up to 50 percent. The Veo displays easy to read, essential information in the form of graphs such as nitrogen loading and offers great features such as a countdown timer during a safety stop.

Oceanic VEO 1.0 Dive Computer £125.00 + Free postage

The ultimate entry dive computer from Oceanic
The ultimate entry dive computer from Oceanic


The Oceanic OCS is an elegant wristwatch dive computer featuring an intuitive operating system, Dual Algorithm®, advanced digital compass, 3 Nitrox mix capability, and so much more. All in a strong, lightweight composite housing reinforced by a stainless steel case back and bezel.

Oceanic OCS Dive Watch Computer £350 + free postage.

Ready for anything… just pick your color!
Ready for anything… just pick your color!


The DataMask is not just about having a computer in your mask – it is about the many practical benefits provided by truly “Hands-Free” diving. The DATAMASK contains a miniature liquid crystal display (LCD) panel, proprietary Digital Optic System, microprocessor, depth transducer, wireless cylinder pressure receiver, diver replaceable battery, and controlling software.

Oceanic Datamask £775 + Free postage

The ultimate gadget for scuba diving.
The ultimate gadget for scuba diving.


Cant see the Oceanic dive computer you want? Give us a call and give us a challenge!!

Offer ends Tuesday 28th May at 18:00

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