Aqua Lung i200C Dive Computer – Review, Features & Functions

Aqua Lung i200C dive computer

For as long as we can remember, Suunto seemed to dominate the recreational scuba diving computer market. The the face of recreational scuba dive computers is changing and Aqualung is at the forefront.

In this review we are going to take a look at the amazing Aqua Lung I200C dive computer. Beautifully designed, it is a great looking dive computer that will look smart on any divers wrist.

Aqua Lung i200C dive computer

With its fresh design, you’ll find yourself wearing the i200C as an everyday sports watch that is ready to dive when you are. Features 4 operating modes, a user-changeable standard battery, as well as no restriction switching between Free & Dive modes.

The Aqua Lung i200C comes in 6 colors: Blue, Aqua, Hot Lime, Bright Pink, Grey and Dark Grey


When you purchase the i200C from Aqualung you get everything you need in a fantastic recyclable box. One thing you will notice is that there is no data cable that many other computers use to connect to your computer, we will come to that later in the features section 🙂

On opening the box you will greeted with your brand new i200C staring lovingly up at you!

Aqua Lung i200C box contents

Lifting the computer out of the box and you will see hidden underneath:

  • Digital Instruction Manual
  • Safety Reference info
  • DiverLog+ brochure
  • Quick Reference card
  • Lens Protector
  • Battery Compartment Opening tool

Instruction Manual

We would highly recommend that you take the time to read the instruction manual. It is packed full of fantastic information about your new Aqua Lung i200C dive computer.

In the manual you will find details on:

  • Warranty
  • Getting Started
  • Watch Mode
  • Dive Features
  • Dive Operation
  • Dive Surface Mode
  • Gauge Mode
  • Free Diving Mode
  • Reference Data
  • Technical Data

Warning Note: Although Aqua Lung include a battery compartment opening tool with the i200C, we highly recommend that you get a certified service centre to change the battery for you, when the time comes.

The certified service centre will have all the required tools to fully service and pressure test your computer after a battery change.

Download the Aqua Lung i200C user manual here for FREE

Initial Activation

i200C Dive Computers are placed in a Deep Sleep mode prior to being shipped from the factory. The intent is to extend storage life of the Battery for up to 7 years, before the unit is initially placed into service.

In this mode, Date and Time are updated as they normally would be. However, they are not displayed.

Upon waking the i200C up, the correct Date and USA Pacifc Time will be displayed. Here is where the use of the instructional manual comes into play. You will need to change the date and time to the correct one for the region that you are in.

Once you have brought the Aqualung i200C out of deep sleep, it is ready to operate with full functions.

To wake the i200C up from Deep Sleep mode, simultaneously depress the (Select) and (Down) buttons for 3 seconds until the display comes on displaying the Watch Main Time screen, then release them.

Aqua Lung i200C Buttons and functions


The Aqua Lung i200C comes packed with some great features. You will remember that we mentioned that the i200C does not come with a data cable, why?

The reason the i200C does not come with a data cable is that it is fully bluetooth activated!

To access all the bluetooth features, you will need to download the DiverLog+ app from the IOS or Android store.

Aqualung Diverlog+ App

Simply search for Diverlog in the IOS or Android store and click get (if you are on IOS).


Aqua Lung Diverlog+ App

Once you have the app you can then use the bluetooth to

  • Connect wirelessly to the free DiverLog+ app
  • Using your smartphone , the DiverLog+ app (available for iOS and Android) allows you to wirelessly interact with your i200C via the latest Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Remotely control all your i200C settings, view Log and Profile data, add location, notes and other details, as well as store and share photos and videos of your dive
  • 4 operating modes. Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow unrestricted switching between Dive and Free)
  • User-changeable standard battery and data retention. Uses globally available standard batteries found at supermarkets and drugstores. Maintains settings and calculations between battery changes
  • Switch between up to 3 Nitrox mixes. Mixes up to 100% O2 with no restriction

The Diverlog+ app is easy to use and very intuitive to navigate.

Other Main Features

Apart from the bluetooth features on the Aqua Lung i200C, you have additional features such as:

  • Audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for increased safety
  • Single button access to last dive display (max depth and bottom time)
  • User selectable deep stop with countdown timer
  • History Mode records last 24 dives
  • User-updatable software gives access to the latest features and upgrade
  • Interface allows for easy settings preview and updates

DiveStyle Synopsis

The Aqualung i200C is an amazing watch sized dive computer that can be worn all day long. It is good looking enough to be an everyday functional watch and looks fantastic on the wrist. You can choose from 6 colours: Blue, Aqua, Hot Lime, Bright Pink, Grey and Dark Grey, making sure that there is a colour to suit you.

But looks aren’t everything!

The Aqua Ling i200C may be good looking, but as you can see, it is packed full to the brim with useable and useful features. For the traveling diver it even comes with a battery compartment key for user replaceable battery changes (please see our note on battery changes).

The other thing that grabbed our attention was the price. At just £299.00 we think it is superb value for money. In comparison to say the Suunto D4i, which has similar features (but no bluetooth capability) it is £96.00 cheaper that the recommended retail price!

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Technical Specifications

We know there are some of you out there that love a technical specification table, so just for you we have include a table of technical specifications of what the Aqua Lung i200C provides.

Aqua Lung i200C Technical Specifications

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