An Expedition Too Far? – The Quest For HMS Victoria – Part Two

HMS Victoria, will the expedition ever get of the ground?

It has been some weeks since my last post on the HMS Victoria expedition.

I have been in Malta, the resting place of the HMS Victoria and Cambertown prior to their ill fated voyage that would see the HMS Victoria sink beneath the sea just outside of Tripoli, Lebanon.

I could not help but think how such a decorated Admiral could make such a fatal mistake that would lead to the loss of not only his own life but that of his crew and vessel.

The lack of communication has been intentional, there is a great deal to get my head around, many aspects that need to be addressed to make sure that the expedition has a fighting chance to ahead and also I always worry that people will be tired of me talking about the HMS Victoria and how it makes me feel like a kid in a sweety shop.

I spent a great week in Malta with Alan from Techwise, our aim was to review the training schedule and get to grips with the logistics that will be required to make it a successful expedition.

Scary! Is the first though that leapt into my mind. The amount of logistical preparation is enormous; never mind the challenges that the additional training will throw at the expedition and expedition members. Add to that the honor of dealing with the gentile folk at the embassy and I foresee a good deal of stress in my future.

Mind you, having said all of that, the excitement still far out ways the impending stress. Even now I am still buzzing at the prospect of diving HMS Victoria and being part of a fantastic one in a lifetime expedition.

The additional training no longer seems so daunting after observing a number of 100-meter dives that took place while I was in Malta. The key messages that I took away from observing the dives is that preparation, skills, more skills and most importantly having a support team that is capable and well organized are paramount.

So the quest continues, the Lebanese embassy in the UK and dive centers in Lebanon have been contacted. The expedition team is starting to take shape and I will hopefully be picking a few brains in the weeks to come. I do know that local expertise will be essential if the expedition is going to be a success.

My juices are still flowing and the thirst to get to this wreck increases with each day.

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