Filling Service

We provide a fill while you wait service.

It is very simple, you bring us your bottle, if you have the time to wait, normally 30 – 60 minutes depending on how busy we are, we will fill it for you while you sit and have a cuppa.

If things are super busy then we may have to ask you to come back the following day.

We encourage you to call ahead to check.

Filling Duration

Air rifle cylinders take time to fill as we do not submerge them in the filling tank as we do with scuba tanks, this is due to most air rifle vales not being suitable to do so.



We can help!

We can provide air fills up to 300 Bar Our air is triple filtered, making it the best possible air fill you can get for you air rifle or pistol.

We can fill dive cylinders that have been dedicated to air rifle filling bottles or we can fill the dedicated air rifle bottles with the dedicated valve.

Polite Note: Ensure your cylinder is in test date!

European standards mean that the testing dates and standards are regularly changing. Always ensure that your cylinder(s) is in test to avoid disappointment from being refused by a dive centre because it is out of date.

Remember, the longer we have to complete the fill, allows the fill to ‘settle’ and you get a more accurate and better top end on your fill, it’s just physics baby!

Testing of Air Rifle Cylinders:

For an AIR GUN Cylinder, you will need it checked;

  • Hydrostatic Inspection – every 5 years

For a PAINTBALL Cylinder, you will need it checked;

  • Hydrostatic Inspection – every 5 years

How long will I need to wait?

Air Fill: 

It only takes us about 30 – 60 minutes! (to fill one cylinder to 300 bar)

Air Fill Costs:

Air fills are available up to 300 bar. Our air exceeds current requirements for recreational and technical diving, and a certification of analysis is displayed in the shop at all times. The filling of cylinders is strictly done under the guidelines of HSE and only cylinders conforming to these standards can be filled on site.

Filling your tanks regularly? Check out our Gas Cards which gives you a minimum of two free fills with every Gas Card.

Air Fills – Up to 232 bar Price
Single Cylinders (up to 3ltr) £5.00
Single Cylinders (7ltr – 12ltr) £8.00



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