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We have many Divemasters & Instructors, so there is never a shortage of helping hands to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

We have many Divemasters & Instructors, so there is never a shortage of helping hands to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

As Divemasters & Instructors we all have the training and experience to be good at what we do, and to be frank, we are excellent!

That is because we HAVE LOTS OF FUN doing it !!!

DiveStyle is always evolving and growing to meet the demands placed on us. The DiveStyle team may change from time to time, some old and seasoned faces move on, and many new faces joining the team, but one constant remains : The passion that the DiveStyle team has for diving, having fun when diving and providing a safe learning environment at all times.

John Campbell - The Boss

John Campbell - The Boss - IDCS

Meeting people, having fun and great adventures is why I love diving, anywhere, anytime. I love wreck diving, reef diving but do have a soft spot for the big fella’s of the ocean! Can talk for hours about diving and inevitably end doing so, especially about holidays and the latest training techniques. I want DiveStyle to provide an excellent service at a reasonable cost without compromising safety. Most of all I want you to have fun when you learn to dive with DiveStyle and hope you get bitten with the bug as much as I did. "Life is not a rehearsal, you don't get a second run. So grab every adventure that comes your way with both hands and hang on for the ride. Some you will like, some you won't, but at least you will have lived life to it's fullest!"

Alan Whitehead - Silver Fox - CD

Alan Whitehead - Maximus - CD

Platinum Course Director (from the start!) and the only resident Platinum CD in Malta, our home from home. Been diving for over 25 years, originally through CMAS but moved to PADI in mid 1990's and never looked back. Alan can also offer Cave Diving Courses, all tech diving, Side Mount Courses, various rebreather including the Hollis Explorer.

Neil Layton-Smith - Dive Centre Manager

Neil Layton-Smith - Dive Centre Manager - MI

Neil is the dive centre manager and senior instructor. Always enthusiastic and happy to dive anywhere at anytime, Neil can even be seen trying to get into muddy puddles if given half a chance. Always happy to give advice and part with some of his wealth of diving knowledge. Neil is an avid UK diver, as is all of the DiveStyle staff. He beleives that the UK coast has some of the most fantastic marine life that you could want to meet. From seals to lobsters and even sun fish, he has seen it all in the UK. Always there to give advice and help any diver understand why we are so passionate about our sport.

Tasha Wicks

Tasha Wicks - Divemaster

In 2008 I first started my Scuba Diving journey in the Red Sea, Egypt and have been hooked ever since. After travelling the world and gaining more PADI certifications I decided that becoming a PADI PRO was my next goal. I completed my Divemasters in Costa Rica at the beginning of 2017 and after a few months of working on the boats as a divemaster decided to continue my underwater journey here in Sunny England with the Divestyle team.

Steve Mays

Steve Mays - Trout Tickler - SI

Steve's enthusiasm has no boundaries. Steve loves diving and it shows on every level. If there is water Steve will be in it, he has been know to suit up for a deep puddle! Steve loves teaching and will travel from his home in Norfolk to instruct for DiveStyle at the drop of a hat.

Paul Dows

Paul Dows - MSDT

I started diving 10 years ago when my youngest daughter decided to take up diving and wanted someone to hold her hand. From the very first time underwater I was hooked and decided to discover even more. After finishing the Open Water course I quickly went on to complete the Advanced Open Water so I could add more depth to my diving and was soon completing other speciality courses to enhance my diving skills. I have had the pleasure of diving in Tobago, Australia, Mauritius, Spain, Malta, Gozo and of course the waters around the UK.

Dave O'Brien

Dave O'Brien - Biker Boy - OWSI

I’ve been diving since 1999, and from the very first time I put my head under the water I was hooked. I like all diving, but particularly interested in wrecks, underwater structures and the marine life that develops on them. The UK is littered with amazing dive sites and there’s no end of historic locations to dive.

Jim Godsell

Jim Godsell - Road Runner - OWSI

I have been diving for 20 years having dived in location such as Thailand, Mexico, Great Barrier Reef, Djibouti, Galapagos Islands. More recently I have been exploring what the UK has to offer and dived at places such as The Orkneys, Tobermory and the wrecks of the south coast not to mention the chance of surfacing with a lobster or a bagful of scallops:-) I have been PADI from the start but recently took the first steps in TDI technical diving ready for a return visit to Scapa Flow.

Kelly Peat

Kelly Peat - OWSI

Kelly's first experience of scuba diving was in the Caribbean on a family holiday and for her 21st birthday her Mum bought her the Open Water course at DiveStyle so while travelling she could 'dive in' to all the amazing dive sites in South East Asia and Australia. Over the last couple of years Kelly has grown a new appreciation for UK sea diving which is a whole new and different experience to tropical diving! Recently Kelly has partaken in some conservation diving which includes surveying and spearing lionfish in Belize (as they are an invasive species).

DiveStyle Instructional Staff

Without our loyal band of instructional staff we would never be able to achieve what we do here at DiveStyle

We are always looking for more diving instructors and divemasters!

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