6 Common Scuba Diving Myths Busted

Scuba diving myths

Scuba Diving Myths – These Six Misconceptions Shouldn’t Keep You Out of the Water

Tobias Friedrich below surface

Scuba Diving is expensive or what if I see a shark? We’re busting the most common scuba diving myths.

Tobias Friedrich

Myth 1:

There’s nothing to see in the cold waters where I live.

Some of North America’s best diving is in the chilly waters off the West Coast, where the colours are breathtaking. Even states hundreds of miles from the ocean — such as Missouri or Utah — have unique sites that are the envy of any logbook.

Right here in the UK we have some awesome dives with plenty of marine life to keep you busy!

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Myth 2:

Scuba diving is too expensive.

You should buy a mask and snorkel to start, but additional gear can wait until you discover the types of diving you want to do.

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Myth 3:

What about sharks?!

Yes, there are sharks in the ocean. No, they don’t want to eat you. Fact: An estimated 100 million sharks are killed worldwide each year, compared to just four fatal unprovoked shark attacks on humans in 2018.

Beautiful sharks

Myth 4:

I need to be a great swimmer.

For your initial certification you need to swim 200 yards, but scuba diving fins come in all shapes and sizes to help propel you through the water as well as any fish.

Myth 5:

Diving is a macho man’s sport.

Scuba diving is actually one of the few sports/hobbies in which strength does not equal better or faster — underwater, everyone is equal.

Myth 6:

I have to dive deep to see anything cool.

While there are a handful of cool critters you can only see deep, the best encounters are usually in the shallowest waters reached by the sun’s rays, where corals flourish and fish abound.

By Sport Diver Editors May 14, 2019

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