12 Little Pleasures of Diving

Spectacular Finds in Wales

Red Sea Deep South

We’ve asked divers of all ages and levels what is the thrill, emotion, or experience that keeps bringing them back underwater. Here is what they said…

What I love most in a dive is:

1. Flowing with a gentle current while enjoying reef life

2. Feeling a shiver run down my spine as I catch the eye of a sandbar shark moving towards me

3. Discovering fish behavior… such as observing two moray eels fighting!

4. Seeing the wonder and amazement in my buddy’s eyes

5. Rediscovering, each and every time, the incredible variety of life teeming underwater, even in a tiny speck of reef

6. Discovering, in each dive, a marine species that I didn’t know

7. Observing remoras while they swim under the belly of a shark

8. Meeting a remora that mistakes me for a shark, and attaches itself to me!

Article source: 27 Oct 2017 | Cristian Pellegrini https://alertdiver.eu/en_US/articles/12-little-pleasures-of-diving

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