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Apeks MTX-R Regulator Package


The Apeks XL4 is a compact, lightweight cold water regulator designed for divers wanting the benefits of a travel regulator with all the features of a regulator that can dive under ice. This is ideal if you want maximum functionality and minimal weight.

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Apeks Tek 3 Regulator Package


Apeks Tek 3 Regulator Set has developed unique first stages specifically for use on a twinset. The benefits of this?system are that there is a minimised risk of accidental snagging, no hose kinking and easier access to the manifold valves. Each first stage has three medium pressure ports and one high pressure port. They are over-balanced, cold water compatible and extremely robust. TEK3 looks great too!

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Apeks Spool Grey 60m


This is the Apeks Spool Grey 60m

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Apeks XTX100 Single Cylinder Set


Specifically designed to be used in a long hose configuration when diving a single cylinder set. Perfect for those starting out looking at venturing into DIR Style of diving. Set includes 2 x XTX 100 Primary 2nd stages, 1 x XTX 100 1st stage, 2.1m Hose, 61cm Hose (both double swivel hoses), a HP hose and TEK SPG.

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Apeks Spool Purple 15m


This is the Apeks Spool Purple 15m.

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Apeks WTX Back Plate – SS


Apeks WTX Back Plate – SS

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Apeks XTX20 Octopus


The Apeks XTX 20 Octopus is a more affordable way to get high performance out of an Octopus

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Apeks XTX40 Octopus


The Apeks XTX 40 Octopus provides the same features and performance as the XTX40 second stage and includes left / right hand reversibility

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