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PADI Speciality Courses

PADI Dry Suit Specialty

£165.00 £124.00

PADI Speciality Courses

PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty

£110.00 £85.00


  • shear professionalism and encouragement to the lovely world of diving at all levels ... A+

    thumb Colin Brockhouse

    Thank you to all the guys and girl who help us last night at our intro to diving organised by Daisy from Miss Scuba UK. Your patience was much appreciated. Julian thank you for helping me do it and not worry about sound like Darth Vader!!!!

    thumb Sharon Allen

    5 star review  Was my first visit to the shop yesterday the staff were very helpful will certainly be going back

    thumb David Coventry
  • John Campbell, JC, has excellent teaching and training skills , applying patience humour knowledge and sensitivity to the individual needs of each of his students His teaching style is relaxed and encouraging but detailed and thorough He is as enthusiastic for his students success as they are and celebrates each task mastered whilst patiently reworking excercises that need more practise JC adjusts the training schedule according to both the conditions and the learning style and pace of the students The support and cameraderie from the whole DiveStyle team during the classroom and pool sessions makes the all round experience fulfilling and fun.

    thumb Alistair Corrie

    5 star review  Trusted these guys to introduce my 10yr old Daughter to scuba diving this evening and they were so amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better first experience for her, they looked after her, kept checking she was okay, let her take her time, really encouraged her, explained everything fully and really made the whole experience a fun and enjoyable one. We will definitely be back and would recommend them to anyone that wanted to give it a go. Super friendly and informative right from the start. Thanks so much. Caroline and Becca Lee

    thumb Caroline Lee

    5 star review  Having used Divestyle since I learnt to dive almost 10 years ago, JC and the team have never let me down. Fully recommend the store, school and servicing.

    thumb Kat Vaughan
  • 5 star review  Used this wonderful outfit for giving an intro to 25 U13 girl rugby players. They are all totally buzzing after the event and absolutely loved the wonderful experience. Dive style made this an amazing experience for my girls and a few parents ��

    thumb Kev Howley

    5 star review  Super glad we chose this dive school, couldn't recommend these guys enough! me and my partner wanted to get our certs before our Australia adventures in a couple months time, the team have been a great help! very knowledgeable and a great laugh. I struggled a lot to start with but they were all very patient with me being so nervous and made me feel super comfortable. Especially Neil, Big Steve, Little Steve and Gareth � Look forward to doing more dives with these guys in the future! ����

    thumb Laura Byne

    5 star review  Decided that 40+ years after first toying with diving that I really should take advantage of retirement and get qualified and then go diving somewhere really nice. So last April signed up with DiveStyle for the OWD course, was so impressed with the quality and care taken during the training that went on to the Advanced OWD training and the Specialties program to get qualified in Deep, Navigation, Nitrox, Dry Suit and currently working on Search and Recovery. This involved many trips to Wraysbury and NDAC and with growing confidence/experience have,with my buddy, also been to Swanage Pier and Vobster. I was impressed that during the Advanced training, it was not all dives just to get a qualification but many times we were "encouraged" to dive for fun (such a strange concept for someone rather goal driven :-)). The highlight was a holiday in November, to Helegeli, Maldives, where I partook of several drift dives and had the confidence to relax and enjoy the diving, especially in the 29 degree, at 30m, sea temperature - if only I could have actually worked out what/where the nudibranch was when being pointed out 🙂

    thumb John Abram
  • 5 star review  Can't be bettered - great fun - helpful - very experienced divers - socially - riotous laugh ! Happy New year !

    thumb Maryon Lawry

    5 star review  Fantastic place! Never knew it existed! Very friendly and helpful staff and got exactly what i needed � �

    thumb Ben Paton

    5 star review  Brilliant guys, fantastic training and diving. Just need some more laydeeeeez on the team and will be perfect. I worked with them as a DM for a bit and they give a lot more back to their DMs than I ever expected. Truly in it for the love of it and the joy of passing that on, which I think is one of the most important aspects of a truly good dive school.

    thumb Jess Cart
  • 5 star review  Did my OW and now just completed my AOW in Chepstow with Divestyle. All of the instructors have been excellent, the loan equipment has always worked perfectly and I've really enjoyed learning �

    thumb Anthony Emley

    5 star review  Did my dry suit course with them. Very experienced and knowledgeable. Really good group of people.

    thumb Dan Robertson

    5 star review  Fantastic instructors...patient and encouraging....would highly recommend DiveStyle to anyone wanting to learn to dive.

    thumb Allison Orr
  • 5 star review  First visit to the shop yesterday, couldn't of been more friendly and helpful 🙂

    thumb Charlotte Besant

    5 star review  Thanks Divestyle for an amazing weekend! Really enjoyed it! Can't wait till I can complete my OW!

    thumb Annelein Anastasia Hommes

    5 star review  Great bunch of guys and a proper working team 🙂

    thumb Garry Dallas
  • 5 star review  Following on from a fun filled Discover Scuba session I decided to continue to take the full open water padi course. I received fantastic training in a fun and supportive environment, everyone was incredibly helpful and all equipment provided. I would definitely recommend Divestyle to anyone learning to dive and will be back again soon. Many thanks, Francesca

    thumb Francesca Yarnall

    5 star review  Thanks to the two young ladies who put up with my 101 questions about scuba gear at the weekend, much appreciated. Once I finish my open water course in September I plan to return to purchase my wishlist ^_^

    thumb Michael Lester

    5 star review  I'd like to thank Neil for his prompt and efficient service in fitting a battery to my SUUNTO Stinger. I was really impressed that he noticed my strap was a bit ropey and replaced it free of charge with a used one in better condition. Top class work and excellent value.

    thumb Peter Gault
  • 5 star review  awesome experience with these guys. A really fun group of instructors and divemasters!

    thumb Katie Frances

    5 star review  Simply the best!!

    thumb Damon Legg

    5 star review  Great place, friendly staff and equipment that fits even my minuscule girlfriend.

    thumb Matthew Hall
  • 5 star review  The best place to learn to dive

    thumb Dale Cooper

    5 star review  Excellent staff and me and my boys enjoy every time we dive with them

    thumb Stephen James Stace

    5 star review  Outstanding shop, club and dive school.

    thumb Mark Wareham
  • 5 star review  Did my Padi Open Water course with these guys, very knowledgeable and patient instructors. Would recommend them!

    thumb Tony Reardon

    5 star review  Fantastic dive shop and school 🙂

    thumb John Campbell

    5 star review  Great team!

    thumb Lorna Ledden



PADI Speciality Courses

PADI Dry Suit Specialty

£165.00 £124.00

PADI Speciality Courses

PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty

£110.00 £85.00

PADI Speciality Courses

PADI Equipment Specialty

£95.00 £70.00
£251.00 £240.00
£70.00 £60.00


Apeks ATX40 Octopus


The Apeks ATX 40 octopus is based upon the XTX40 second stage and includes left / right hand reversibility, cold water capability and the performance you would expect from an Apeks pneumatically balanced valve

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Apeks WTX Back Plate – SS


Apeks WTX Back Plate – SS

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XTX200 Tungsten Swivel



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Apeks RK3 Fins


The Apeks RK3 Fins Black are the splash of colour version of the popular RK3 Fins. Tougher material improves the performance of the fins so you can move through the water faster and small kicks will have a greater effect. Modelled from the trusted Military Rocket Fins The RK3 were designed in collaboration with public service divers who need a tough and reliable fin to do their duty in the harshest conditions.

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Apeks RK3 HD Fins


The Apeks RK3 HD Fins are a stiffer version of the popular RK3 Fins. Tougher material improves the performance of the fins so you can move through the water faster and small kicks will have a greater effect.

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